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Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 26 April 2012

W is for Wyeforce tug

To-day's A-Z is "W" for Wyeforce a Tug registered to Itchen Marine in Southampton.
Model Slipway in Barnsley do a beautiful kit of this in their catalogue!.

My wife wanted to start sailing and picked out this tug straight away.

 Model Slipway are sited in Barnsley. so off we went to the factory after making an appointment and got a nice friendly welcome and when I said I'd never put in a prop shaft before Laurie took a hull off the shelf and gave me instructions how to go about it , you can't get better service than that .

It has two motors and as it was only my first electric build I was a bit worried at first to say the least  but the plans and excellent instructions made it a pleasure to build!. 

This is the finished Boat, photo by Bob.

My mate Bob won the club photo competition for this picture that year!

There are lots of builds on the internet of this boat, to check it out search "Wyeforce tug", mine's the top one.
Here is a video of my model in action, Captain Velda at the helm in April 2011.

Its got two motors and is what they call "Tank" steering; ie independent controls for the motors and as you can see Velda had it down to a find art! without even using the rudders.

How's that for strength, pulling a real boat!

And not forgetting the crew Tom,Gloria,Dick,Harry,The Captain and Fred,
Doesn't look the same without figures does it !

After seeing a rescue device at Bury MBC, on the way home we had to call and get some plastic pipe from B&Q, a few angles and some cladding to make The Captain this rescue device, just clips on to the front of the tug and away you go to scoop up your first rescue
Total Cost £5
A trial first rescue so no salvage charge!

Some extra's added.

Rack of jerry can's 

Fire extinguishers 

And a locker on the deck for the on/off switch, al-right until you lose the key for the padlock.

Well that's my "W" for to-day folk's


  1. Very nice. Cool pictures. New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Hi Sylvia, Just going over to visit your A-Z, nice to hear from you.

  2. Nice tug! Where's the needle work? Thanks for visiting my blog. We too have a chihuahua but he's got short hair and a tail like a rat. :-)

    1. The needlework is on my "O" for other hobbies blog.
      And you are lucky having a Short hair, mine moults for England, if there was a competition in the Olympic's here, He would win hands down.

  3. new follower from a-z here, love your photos .

    1. Been to your blog, nice pie that!

  4. Hi Pete,
    Hope you don't mind - I have put a link to your site from Links in Buxton Model Boat Club. Any chance you could add our link to your blog site?