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Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

P is for Pedallo

To-days A-Z challenge is P for Pedallo.
One of our club members saw a picture in a newspaper a few years ago of a chap cycling on the river on a  Pedallo bike, so Martin being Martin decided to make a model of one, from the picture.
And this is the result.
He made the Victorian suit and found a boater hat from somewhere.
He once told me that if he could see the working parts it was no good and went into the bin, no working parts on show on this is there!.
Not content with this project, later on he said "Do you remember the Pedallo",  "Who could forget" said I, "Well I've made a full size one" he said. with a bit of persuasion he bought it to the Bury Model Boat club a few weeks later for their Open Day and it was a great success. 
The launching.

He always goes that extra bit and as you can see dressed up for the part as well.
And here he is on the water.
He then asked if anyone wanted a go, I was first in the queue! can't pass up an offer like that can you.
And there I am, and I must say it was steadier than a bike on the road, and not as much traffic.

This last year (2011) Martin was asked to bring it to the Help for Hero's Day that the club ran, all proceeds to the H-4-H fund, again it was a great attraction as you can see from the video's live action shots.

A couple more stills
Andy the then Commodore

And my good friend Bob the Builder!.
Knowing the British Waterways they would charge you passage and mooring fees every time you stopped though wouldn't they?.
What a great successful project this turned out to be.
That's all folks 


  1. Baba sys what no joke or pithy comment?

  2. Perhaps to-morrow, got to leave something for you to look forward to.

  3. P is for Perfection!
    Nice blog too
    They were happy days!