Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

J is for "J" Class

Wednesday and its "J" for "J" Class yachts.
Still on the boating theme you see.
The class yacht's have been around for years on both sides of the pond and are very competitive with the real yacht's.

As in the real thing the competitive spirit is there in the models as well, its only for fun!,don't you believe it.
Our club the Etherow Model boat Club has a good bunch of sailors that have been racing these beautiful graceful yacht's for a number of years now and even have a trophy at the end of the year.
The Graham Harling trophy, for "J" class winner

For them in action see the video!
These shallow hulled yacht's are ideal for our lake as it's quite shallow in parts.
The end of the video is my late wife dancing her Wyeforce Tug in and around the ducks, one of the boats I built for her.

The Velda Teal trophy, for static models.
These trophy's were issued last year after both these sailor's passed away.

What more can I say about these beautiful yacht's 
Just Lovely Jubbley


  1. Very nice, Duckie
    J is also for the Jokes!


  2. Will keep on with those then.