Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about, Lego Technics and Photography you might recognize the hat rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the Tabs at the top below the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my camera, weather permitting of course.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Wednesday, 12.6.2024.

 Yesterday I saw on Facebook that the Heart_murals guy was finishing off some of his previous works of art and texted him to say what about ours at Debdale Sailing Centre, and then he came up on FaceBook again to say he'd finished the Debdale one and had thoughts on it and came up with a solution he liked better.

So unlike Jack Reacher with no plan B, he came up with a beautiful plan "B".

Here it is and think you will like it as much as I, the big swan in the foreground has gone and in it's place this beautiful Kingfisher.

I've not seen a kingfisher at Debdale, but that's not to say they aren't there some where, think it's called poetic licence isn't it!.
   I was trying to get a picture of myself with the kingfisher with my phone.
 Then this black guy came up and said " I'll take one for you with your phone", he was as old as me, so thought he's not going to run off with my phone or if he does I could catch him!.

But all was well and we had a nice chat afterwards and it turned out I was 11 years older than him!.

Not a bad picture too hey.

Went on to the ressers then with my big camera, the ducks/pigeons there were starving too, but they always seem to be don't they. 

Weather still overcast.

The Canadian geese creche with various sizes.

Noticed this coot on a nest in the strangest place.

It's mate has brought it some stranger things for the nest too.

Coot with grown up baby.

Mallard with baby.

School kids enjoying themselves, what was all the fuss about the two years they lost over the Covid pandemic!. 

Then it was off to Sainsburys for an all day breakfast, the paper package is two sausages for my friendly cats back home, can't eat them as well as all that, an extra hash brown instead of mushrooms, all for £5.45. can't be bad not worth cooking yourself, and no washing up!. 

A man walks into a army surplus store and asks "Do you have any Camouflage jackets", " yes we do" replied the shop assistant, "But we can't find them".


Harry knew he could always count on his wife,

She always wore beads!.


Monday, 10.6.2024.

Monday I went down Reddish Vale, it was dry but I wasn't too warm, wished I hadn't taken the inner padded lining out of my Camo coat!.

This young Canadian goose running up to greet me? or is it just the bag of food I'm carrying?.

Yes it was the food!, with the info centre closed now there's no food for the birds, The Lady Sarah selling it now but only here on Friday and some weekends.

A male Mandarin not changed colour yet.

This one well on the way to looking like a female but still got his bright beak.

Plenty of babies about, these coots on the top mill pond.

A mallard with it's mum.

Watched this coot struggling to break this big twig off a bush, must be after some brownie points off his mate.

This proud Mandarin mum watching over her brood.
I was told that they have Creche's like the Canadian geese

Feeding off my boot.

Counted nine in all.

Beaky the pigeon with a twisted beak that rides round the lake on my hand couldn't wait whilst I fed the other birds and helped itself!.

Got to be a squirrel somewhere.

So then it was off to Morrisons for lunch.

Came home and finished another jigsaw.

Tuesday me and the gang went to Vernon Park café again, it was better this time as it wasn't too full of kids off school.
I had a nice bacon and egg barm and ordered a bowl of chips for the middle of the table so we could all try them as our friend Chris the singer had recommended them and he wasn't wrong, we all enjoyed them and will be having them again I'm sure. 



Sunday 9 June 2024

Second weekend in June, 7-9.6.2024.

 It's been not to bad this weekend, though it's still not too warm yet, I'll be glad when the voting's over, you get fed up with the same old speel day after day don't you!.

Friday I went down to Reddish Vale park, didn't rain but I was sorry I'd put on a lighter coat, but they do say Don't cast a clout till May is out, but that's long gone.

This terrapin looks a crusty old one, bit older than the other one.

Plenty of squirrels about.

A young Nuthatch.

A Rook.

A young Coot with Mum.

A few more of the brood.

Some more terrapins in the weak sunshine.

The male Mandarin ducks are starting to lose their bright breeding colours now, but will still retain their brighter beak, so when people say where's the colourful Mandarins they are there but you can only tell by their brighter beaks.

The female having a well earned rest after feeding and looking after the family, they can have up to 14 youngsters. 

Plenty of Canadian geese youngster's about of various sizes.

A Great Tit with some fat ball.

Had a chat and a drink with the lovely Lady Sarah at the Coffee Dream Machine,

 and then it was off to Morrison's for lunch, a chicken breast barm with a jug of gravy, very tasty too.

Free refill's on drinks there too.

Finished this jigsaw so I could take it to the Bridge on Saturday.

Saturday it was off to the Bridge View café  at Portland Basin to met friends and found out they are open on Tuesday's during the school holidays which is good news for us as it's our favourite watering hole. we had tried out Vernon park Café for Tuesday's but The Bridge is better for us!.

Went to the charity shop and got 5 jigsaws for £5!

Sunday it was off to Home Bargains for bird food and as usual because its cheap came out having spent a fortune, but at least got a lot for my money.

After a bacon buttie at the O'Neal's buttie wagon it was over to the Ashton Moss nature reserve to see where the swans were but was unlucky there as they were no where to be seen, probably gone walkabout as usual.

As soon as I got there these checky devils sat on my bonnet, if the windows were open they would have been in I'm sure.

The resident Muscovy duck was there 

As were these fancy ducks.

Put a fat ball out and sure enough within minutes there were the jackdaws, I do get them in m garden too now perhaps followed me home!.

So then it was off home to get warm and feed Alfie and fill the bird feeders.

I'm glad to say that the goldfinches have brought their babies out again this year.

And here are the babies, feed me, feed me.

Oh well, I'll get it myself.

They seem a bit bigger before appearing this year, there again I've not been getting up as early this year, perhaps missing them earlier in the morning.

So this it the fourth year I've had the babies here, feel very privileged to have them here!.
Baby sparrows too.

So it's been a good weekend for me,  my Son and his youngest daughter had a dad and daughter night out at the Taylor Swift concert in Edinburgh  and she was on FaceBook dancing to the music!.