Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Out and About Oct 2014

Out and About Oct 2014.

Sunday it was a trip to the lake and then up to Oldham to John & Joannes for Sunday dinner.
Nice visit as there were two Missionary sisters there as well.
John and Joanne doing the same as Velda and I did when he was on his mission, namely doing what we hoped someone was doing for our boy, giving him a decent meal now and then.

Lovely ladies, both from Utah, Salt Lake City.
One on the left was here last January and the other one is on her first placement and it was only her 3th day in England.

Both dog lovers too.

   Keep still Jessie!.

Today even though I've had the snuffles, had a trip to Etherow (Where else) there met some friends for drinks at the Cafe and then had a nice walk with Pepe round the park.
Nice time of the year as long as your wrapped up, I was putting my new coat from Aldi to the test and it turned out to be just the job, two tone green and two coats in one, wear the inner or outer or both, I do love a bargain!.
Some pictures whilst on our rounds of the lake, nice colours this time of the year hey!.

See the squirrel on the left of the tree trunk, not a very good picture, there again these are all taken with my Iphone!.

Then it was back to the Cafe for a warm drink and a toasted teacake, and there saw some other dogs.
This is a big one, rather clean up after Pepe though

Another big lad.

Pepe says "why can't you get one of these for me to ride on", Not yet my friend!, not quite ready for one of these, you will have to ask our friend Joyce for a ride on hers!.

We could have asked her later as we called in for a chat, check out the progress on Bobs current project and of course another drink.

And so to bed, always nice to know he's had a good day out.


There was a knock at the door and Sam found himself being asked to become a Jehovah's Witness.
"I didn't even see the blooming accident" said he.

After a terrible accident at the factory where Sid fell into the upholstery machine, 
he is now fully recovered!.

There is a new organisation call AAAA
It's for people being driven to drink.

Its the way I tell em!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

New Dog Trust kennels.

Today after a run to the lake, which I wish I had'nt bothered, though I did see friends Bob and Joyce there so that made it worthwhile!, but to get back to the story I called at the new Dog Trust place in Denton that had just opened on Thursday.
What a beautiful place for any dog waiting for a new home!, I only went to have a nosy, knowing I was safe from being tempted already having Pepe, I don't think he would be very impressed sharing his pad with another dog.
Here is a few pictures from the site to whet your appetite in case you are thinking of a new friend  and companion.

What about this beauty then, always fancied a greyhound, but as this is an ex-racer perhaps he would think Pepe was the rabbit he used to run after at the track and that wouldn't be good would it.

Nice place though isn't it!.

Sid the Spiv, said his greyhound could run like greased lightning.
He is so fast on the track that on every third lap he has to jump over himself.

 Mrs Moloney met Mrs Murphy at the market and she noticed that her friend had a puppy under her arm,
 That's a nice puppy said Mrs Moloney.
Yes I got it for Murphy said her friend.
Lucky you, I wish I could swap Moloney for one!.  

  "Lost dog" said  the newspaper notice 
Has three legs, blind in one eye, large scar on throat, right ear missing, tail broken in two places, no teeth, recently castrated.
Answers to Lucky!.

Thats all folks

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn 2014.

As you can see its Autumn here in Greater Manchester and I've had Son John change the top picture to reflect that.
Pepe and I have been out and about and not let the weather deter us too much, he doesn't have too much of a say in it really does he!.
Last week he had a wash, shampoo and trim at Mucky pups in Oldham, same place John goes to with his Cockapoos, Jessie and Max.
This is Pepe before he was trimmed.

The nice tree we are in front of, I believe its a Tibetan Cherry?.
A walk round the lakes shows a mass of leaves that the model boat members don't like as they get into the props of their boats  

Another hybrid duck, seems to be a lot of them about this year.

Here is Pepe at his happiest, off the lead, have to watch for other dogs about though. 

All trimmed and washed.

 Sausages for a treat then?.

Sunday I went to Ashton Chapel as it was their 50th anniversary of the build and all round the walls in the cultural hall were pictures of people over the years.

There was all sorts of events of people over the years and there was one of my Son John in period costume!

Bishop Teal.
There was a chance to Munch and mingle afterwards, very nice.

Yesterday we went to the lake again though the weather wasn't too clever and met Bob and his wife Joyce and had a drink and a good natter at the cafe.

After a walk with Pepe got back to the Cafe and there was some good entertainment on at the side of the Cafe as two guys were cutting down a big tree!.
You have to be aware of the branch you are cutting in this job hey and no stepping back to admire you work.

On the way back to the car just in time to spot a Cormorant diving about on our boating lake, they are usually on the big lake, first time I've seen them this year.

Marjorie and I should have been going out today, but with the weather so bad we decided to give it a miss until another day, tail end of the weather from America!.

Well thats it for now folks, keep a check out for other days out and about!.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nice day out, October 2014

October already!, where has this year gone?,
This past Friday, friend Marjorie and I went on a day out, first going over the Snake Pass to see the  Autumn colours of all the trees, then it was down though Hope to Castleton where we had a nice lunch at the Three Roofs Cafe which is a dog friendly Cafe!. Not many children in with them all back at school, but three dogs in and probably better behaved!, and I know some of you will not be in favour of dogs in Cafes, but I'll tell you something you can't beat the clean floors in dog friendly cafes, have you noticed the floors after children have eaten!.
After a look round the shops and buying a pair of Craghoppers (Trousers) on offer and of course the jewellery shops for Marjie!, it was off up the Wynants Pass to the Chestnut Centre, which is the Centre for Otters, Owls and wild cats.
Took a few pictures (As usual) and though it was a bit of a breezy day down in the valley where the animals are it was quite sheltered.

Here are a few of the animals we saw.

Harry Potter fans will recognize this Snowy Owl 

these are Eagle Owls

A Scottish Wild Cat.

 Short toed Otters

 This one was on it's own and wasn't very happy about it, Making a right row!.

Short Toed Otters

Playing with a stone!

The stone playing one put this large stone though the fence for some reason, even though it was a struggle for it, perhaps it was just bored hey.

Family group

 This was from the old days when the land was owned by someone else before the centre.

And last but not least in the cafe after the long walk back up the hill after our tour of the centre, we found this glass cabinet by the door with these field mice in, both of us had not realised how small these little mice were, not as big as the first joint of my thumb, but beautiful with it!.
Photo taken though the glass so sorry about that!.

Thats it for today folks.
By the time you reach the age of 76 years of age you've learn't most things.
All you have to do is try and remember it!.

Do not complain about growing old.
Many are denied the privilege.