Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas festivities

Of the first festivities on the title as I mentioned in a previous post I took the two lovely Grand-daughters to lunch at the Hartshead Pub on the hills in Ashton.
On Christmas Eve I was invited to friend Bob's for Steak and chips whilst his wife went to the hairdressers, and very nice meal it was too!, and as mention in the earlier post Sister Bab's in OZ commented that Pepe had his reindeer hat on, but where was mine, Bob soon rectified that!, with his editing skill's
The two Ruddies
And old Whiskers.

Christmas Day it was off to John and Joanne's for Dinner and showing off all the present's, in my young  days during WW11  it was an Orange and wooden toy carved by my dad who was in the navy, he once brought home a tin of boiled sweet's ( they were not available in the UK and were still on ration for years after that) and I can still remember looking in that tin and was amazed to see what I thought was jewels nestling in the tin.
Pepe and Jessie got on alright on the day after Jessie had calmed down after greeting us both.
Lovely smell from the kitchen Dad! 

Friends ??? 
I also got my Christmas present from "Eddie Stobart" in the week.

A beautiful calender, the latest Spotters handbook and the newsletter Spot on!.
there was also a new APP out on the IPhone, "Stobart Tracker" which I downloaded , it gives you the position of all the trucks in the Eddie's fleet, so instead of going spotting on spec you can see where they are and go there, must have saved the price of the APP already on petrol saved going on spec !.
Boxing Day went to a nice buffet at John and Jo's In-laws very nice too
On the day after Boxing Day we went to the Frostbite Sail at the club an event run every year after Boxing day, Could have called it the Dull and Wet Day this year though, still it didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the members and a good day was had by all, pity John was suffering with a cold so didn't chance it, I didn't blame him for that.

Well that's it for now folks, hope Father Christmas brought you got all you wished for!.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!.

Merry Christmas to all our readers!.

And a Happy Frostbite sail

(27th december 2012)

From Duckie and Ruddy!.
All the best to you and yours

Monday, 17 December 2012

Pepe Up-date

Just back from the Vet's, yes I got the date right to-day.
The vet had a good look at Pepe and was pleased with what he saw and said when his hair grew back he would perhaps have a slight mark on his muzzle but nothing to worry about.
The other good news is that it was not malignant, the results back from the lab were clear and he said no reason to worry that this could happen again, that's a relief sighed my flexible friend in my pocket, still as Cheryl Cole say's in the Lo'Reaol Advert "He's worth it!.
 Whilst in the vet's was talking to a young lady with a puppy, King Charles or Cocker Spaniel, She was telling me that she bought it on the Thursday from a puppy farm and then saw the article in the Stockport Express the next day about about puppy farm people being arrested in Marple.
As is so often the case her puppy ended up at the vet's with serious stomach problems, but the happy ending to this story is that the vet's got it back to health and is now on the road to recovery as you can see.
Terrible what some people will do for money isn't it.
The drunk walked into the bar and the barman said "is it true your dog can talk"
"No" said the drunk "and if he tells you he can, he's a blooming liar"

"I think your dog likes me Jean, he hasn't taken his eyes off me all night"
"That's because your eating off his plate!".

We have a great watch dog he said,
So far he's watched someone steal our car, watched the garage burn down and watched a bloke steal the lawn mower!.

I don't want your dog in my house she said it's full of fleas.
Pepe stay out of the house, it's full of flea's said I

Boom Boom 
That's all folks

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Senior Moment

If you are expecting a Pepe report to-day read on,
Just got back from the Vets!, had another senior moment I'm afraid, got to the vets for 10-00am and it was still shut, I waved to a young guy inside and he said "we don't open until 10-30", "but I've got an appointment for 10-10am" at the vets showing him my appointment card!.
"You dozy plonker" he replied ( he didn't really but I could see he thought it), "that appointment is for the 17th and its the 16th to-day" he said, so I apologised and went away eating a large helping of humble pie. Still it could have been worse I suppose I could have been a day late hey, My only excuse is all the other appointments have been on a Sunday, also the days and dates don't seem too important when you are retired, that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it, the large helping of humble pie didn't stop me having a bacon buttie and a coffee on the way home though.
So another early day to-morrow.
Perhaps to-morrows report will be better.

Yesterday was a lot better, I took my beautiful G/daughters to dinner at the Hartshead Pub in Ashton and we had a lovely dinner.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit, the Lion King is on in Manchester at the moment and I'm told its fabulous, hence the hat!.
Remembered my camera on the Iphone after dinner, so here is a picture of the lovely dessert's, Hartshead style
Apple pie and custard

and the girls had Chocolate brownie's,
 as you can see from the blur of the spoon Ruthie couldn't wait to get stuck in, what a nice way to start the Christmas festivities!.
More on Pepe to-morrow.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Past week

The last post took you to Monday, since then its been nice and busy, which is good for me.
Pepe was OK the next day and been al-right since, though he has been on painkillers since then, back to the vets for a check up to-morrow.
You can just see his shaved muzzle, but that will soon grow back I'm sure, he's being kept warm there as per the Vet's instructions, doesn't need much encouragement this weather though!.

Wednesday had an invite to dinner from friends Bob and Joyce, and I disgraced myself by not eating the onions in the onion gravy!.
How nice looking is that hey!!!
Then Bob worked his magic on two pictures, one of my sister and brother-in -law and a "Eddie" truck with the name "Barbara", the picture of them was taken outside the Man City ground a couple of years ago, the truck picture at Appleton Depot! this year.

At the awards night at the boat club on Wednesday evening, John did very well, winning two 3rd prizes and that's in his first year in the club, One for Semi scratch build and the other for Kit build, well done John!.
Watch this space!.

Been doing a bit of modelling as well to keep my mind off Pepe's operation.
This part is the end of the crane arm and is the part that the nets go round 

The "L" shaped arm was a bit thin with 4 layers of plasticard (4mm) with a hole of 3mm to go though, so thought it would be better with another 1mm each side, the tube part on the right side was also strengthened with a pin though it. 
The Rubber bits are John's idea and taken from his Plumbers washer box as it looks better than just a bit of plastic tube, see john's model at
The metal washers are to correct the gap in the middle

The table in the wheelhouse was given an edging as we don't want any accidents with the boat in heavy seas do we?.

My Eureka Moment to-day is "Shackles" made from dress fasteners.

First you have to bite the bullet and go to an Haberdashery shop and buy the dress fasteners, if you get funny looks assuring them they are for a model boat!!. 

Take one out as you can see on the left packet and turn the ends 90%

a couple of panel pins for screws

and there you have them!.
They come in all sizes for your boat scale and as you can see even this close I think they look al-right that  block will be tidied up before painting by the way.
This was an idea I found in one of the Model Boat Magazines by the way not my idea, but used it to good effect since, so if you've not seen it yourself that's a bonus isn't it.

This is part of a new series of Eureka Moments that can be found 
on the tab at the top of the Etherow Model Boat Website Here

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Pepe Report

Yesterday I had to take Pepe back to the vets as the tablets didn't work on his facial lump, they said it might not!.
We had to arrive for 9-30am and as is my usual got there in time, he was checked in with a nice nurse, almost made me feel as though I wanted to be checked in as well!.
The last I saw was a sad little face looking at me as he was taken away into the back rooms, brings a lump to your throat doesn't it?.
This is a picture of the flooring in the new Pets at Home shop we go to, grass effect vinyl, looked very realistic and by the looks on some of it the dogs thought so too!.

Then it was off to Ashton shopping and some breakfast, hadn't the heart to have my breakfast at home in front of the little fellow, he hadn't to have anything after 8-00pm the night before, it was very busy in Ashton with everyone doing their Christmas shopping.
The inside of the Arcade shopping mall.

Then at 4-00pm I had to be back to pick Pepe up and though he had had an operation he was quite perky and nearly jumped out of the nurses arms back to me, he doesn't look too bad though they have shaved his muzzle on one side and his front leg for the knock out shot, it will soon grow back I'm sure the way he sprouts hair.
He had half of the usual amount of dinner when he got home and an hour later the other half after raking my leg to pieces, he has to stay in for the next couple of days in case of infection but is quite lively and will be fine to-day I'm sure.
The worse part will be giving him is pain killing medicine, 2ml in a syringe every day for 5 days, will be hard opening his mouth without touching the sore bit!, perhaps try the medicine on a bit of biscuit hey.

Fancy him jumping out of the arms of that nice nurse he must have been still been under the influence!. 

Well that's all for now folks.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Busy week

The past week has been quite busy, Sunday was a trip to the vets with Pepe
This is the new site for Pets at Home at the Snipe retail park, same vets and shop, but moved a couple of  hundred yards away, plenty of money hey, seems the old building was knackered though.
Pepe has developed a blister type lump on his lip, the vet say's its an infection and gave him some tablets say's if not gone in a week bring him back, so back again to-day as its not gone!. 

Afterwards at the park in his woolley coat.

Though its been too cold to go out "Eddie" spotting (I'm not too daft) I spotted this one at Tesco's on the way to John's for dinner on Sunday
Chloe Jessica.

Monday was my last committee meeting at the boat club, though I will still be editing the club website.
Tuesday was the boat club Christmas dinner at the Hare and Hounds at Marple and very nice too.
Wednesday an invite to roast beef dinner with friends Bob and Joyce. 
Friday a walk round the lake at Etherow with friend Sylvia and her dog Molly.
Sat next to this big guy, would rather brush and clean up after Pepe than this one and there was another one lay down at the side of this one!!, must cost a fortune to keep, but there you go that's dog lovers for you.

 Then to round off the week a Christmas carol service at Ashton Stake House (Mormons) where I enjoyed the service. the two grand-daughters were in the choir!.

Saturday did a bit of modelling.
Made cushion for bench seat in wheelhouse

The end arm for the crane

Arms all finished

Hydraulic lines fitted.

A chap on Model Boat Mayhem sent me a picture of a clump as I didn't know what one was and I've started to made one out of plasticard, wire and beads, there on the right of the picture.
This is where it sits on the boat.
Getting there, with attachments for the chains, will look better with a drop of paint and rust!.
For the non fisherman (like me) this goes in-between the twin nets when trawling to keep them apart and runs on the sea floor.

She thought Joan of Arc was Noah's wife.
He thought a Lieutenant Commander was the Lieutenant's wife.
She thought Blue serge was a sad Russian.
He thought Yoko Ono was Japanese for one egg please.

Well that's all for now folks, have to get ready to go to the vets again!, just hope my Plastic friend won't get too battered!.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Past week

 The past week has seen Pepe and I walking at Debdale Park where we saw this nice wood carving in the orchard behind the children's play area.

Nice isn't it?

Trouble is there's a maggot in the other side!.

Then another day we went to Etherow where we fed the birds and managed to take a short video of it.


And of course there's no show without Punch is there.
Where's mine then Dad.

Got a good bargain at the club auction on Wednesday night, A fiver for these two drawer units for my workshop, and they were full of useful stuff as well!, can't be bad.

Then it was a bit more modelling, too cold to stay out long these days.

Fitted the front control centre in the wheelhouse, had to take that top section off to get it in, as it was a tight fit.

Rear control unit and bench seat made up and placed in

The central unit was made up but the arms looked as though they wouldn't have much support so made some arm rests out of brass rod and put a grove underneth the arm rests for them to sit on.

The seat were next with a trial to see what would look best for buttons in the seating, decided that bottom  right set was best, that was done with a small drill and then nicked with a knife to make the starred pattern.

Coming on now, will look better when painted I'm sure.

Whilst the seating was hardening off, made a start on the gantry crane.
First parts of the power block made up, notice the highlighted section I did on the initial read of the instructions!, saves missing it at a later stage when you get the bit between your teeth on the build.

First arm started, making sure things were square as I go along.

First arm done, with holes drilled out 

Second arm sections cut out and ready for making up.

First and second sections made up and fitted together, need to add piping yet.

That's all for now folk's