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Welcome to my Blog.
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Latest Velda up-date.

The latest up-date on velda is very encouraging, she is now only on two patches and an overnight drip bag of food supplement whilst she is sleeping, perhaps it would be a good idea for us all, no going shopping and getting obese hey, seriously though she is still getting porridge in the morning and my tapioca in the afternoon and rice at teatime,its not a lot but it amounts to about a full can of food daily and most importantly its staying put and the doctors have finally got the message, no rich food, she isn't used to it.
Yesterday  was a good day in that she walked down the ward corridor to the bathroom and was given a bath (bath! he said,"the last one I had the midwife gave it me!") and had her hair washed, ah ah thought I and on the evening visit took my scissors and had a go on her fringe, looks better now, doesn't suit her forehead without a fringe.
Which leads me nicely into the video that son John had put on his blog earlier in the week do you remember it.

I have to take her a mirror in to-day, so will tell you if its alright!, its not as bad as the video, I think!

John fitted a handrail on the stairs earlier in the week ready for the home coming.
 and I've just finished giving it numerous coats of varnish,took pictures of it to show Velda and its passed the test! she likes it.

I said in my previous blog on Tuesday "No drips up", me and my big mouth, there was no drips up at the hospital, but one up in my bathroom!!, so it was a call for help to John again and has he was only working local was soon round and found the cause, a leaking  screw in the turn off valve under the washbasin,so it was a new one fixed and I made my hospital visit on time, don't need her to know and start worrying do we, Just need to dry out the kitchen ceiling now, but its getting there, things like that we don't need do we, thank goodness for a handy son!

Can now add this handrail to his works blog if he wants, might be some more oldies out there that are dodgy on the stairs

That's all folks.


  1. Nice hand rail, but it looks to me like it's not only the son who's handy, the varnish job looks good, too!

  2. Nice to have a son who is handy. The rail looks good. Now let's wait to hear the verdict on the hair cut.

  3. I'm just a chip off the young block, Cathy

  4. Poor Velda!
    Those stairs look awfully steep!

  5. Had an appointment for the dentist for her earlier in the week, had to cancel that, apart from the fact she's in hospital, their stairs are like the North face of the Eiger!