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Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, 2 September 2011

The big roller coaster

It was discovered that Velda had developed a chest infection over the weekend!
Wednesday evening we ( Son John and I) were told that Velda was so ill with the chest infection that she hadn't long to live and it was passed sending her to ICU as she was so ill.They had stopped her medication, we were even asked if we wanted her resuscitated if her heart stopped, to which we both said no,as she had suffered enough. So I went home and took the two phones to bed with me thinking that I might
get I call in the night.

We were told that the medical team would be doing their rounds at 9-00am the following morning and told to come then for an update with the consultant!, we arrived to find her sat up in bed!!, after they had been to all the other patients about 6 doctors and the chief consultant checked her out and said that the chest infection was nearly over and that the massive dose of antibiotics had done the trick and she was back to the stage before the weekend panic! Better in fact.
He said that she was going to get back on all the medication, but cut down on the steroids which were making her feel bad, glad about that, didn't want her knocking me about when she gets home!
He said that she would be fine even if it took a couple of weeks to get her ready for her next chemo, and as she had started to use the toilet the blockage was opened and she could be started on fluid food and work up to solids soon, and a good workout by the physio's was called for to get her on her feet again and out of this negative state which John and I told him she was in since finding out about it way back in St Marys!

He seemed in no doubt that she would get better and said it was always up and downs with this sort of illness, but was very positive and we left both feeling a lot better, and I think Velda did as well for the first time since being in The Christie. Talk about ups and down the BIG ONE at blackpool as nothing on us!!

This was the state of things last night when I went, she was sat up talking to me for the first time in days and had had half a slice of toast and half a glass of milk for her tea.

The staff nurse who had spoke to us the previous night was amazed and said the night doctors who had diagnosed her as near death were too!!
The nurses coming on duty last night were all coming in the see her and were amazed at seeing her again as they didn't think they would.

It's to the supermarket to-day to get her some of those fan shaped wafers you put in ice cream as she has a fancy for some of those, all  this fancying !! if she wasn't 71 and been to St Mary's recently I'd be getting worried.

So that's another hurdle she has cleared, what a woman!!


  1. Blimey, Duckie!
    What a comeback!

    The wonders of modern medicine, hey?


  2. What a woman, indeed! And what a husband to be able to handle it all and stay so positive. I hope things continue to improve. You are in my prayers.

  3. Bit like a swan really Cathy, all serene on the surface and legs going like mad underneath!