Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Don't mention Pinocchio.

Yesterday (Monday) Velda had another good day, a bit down in the afternoon but with my wit and charm soon had her back smiling!

The doctors have now decided to put a food drip up her nose to try and boost her intake, they said the porridge in the morning,tapioca and rice in the afternoon and teatime was good and got her eating again but was not enough to build her up, only keep her from going back down, just hope it works and not too rich for her. Can't have Pepe dragging her round the living room can we!.

She had porridge 3 times yesterday, I think it was the thought of the up nose job that frightened her, but the decision  for the nose feed was already made. She also had a unit of blood given her last night whilst I was there, her blood count was a bit low, I think it was all the blood they took out of her months ago in the Manchester Royal and St Mary's that they were giving her back, I think it had a definite Blue tinge!, like her mother hinted at.

The physiotherapist asked Velda "Is your husband helping you with your physio", I asked her to come to the ward and asked her what I was supposed to do, I'm more than willing IF asked and as I'd not seen her before that was difficult, so I was instructed what to do and now I'm doing sessions twice daily! will soon have her like Arnie Schwarzenegger now, (Good job I had a video to be abell to spell that hey)  Abell ??

So as was shown in the Fawlty Towers show "don't mention the Germans", to-days visit will be a case of Don't mention Pinocchio!

That's all folks


  1. What a slow process, getting her weight back?

    Velda must be really brassed off with it all.....and you too of course
    You are doing a wonderful thoughtful, caring job, Duckie and yet, you can still find time for a bit of humour!.....That`s the way!


  2. The nose feeding tube doesn't sound like much fun. Hope it does the job.