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Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Birthday Girl

Well yesterday was Velda's birthday and what a birthday !, in hospital and due for her 3rd Chemo session.
She has been walking down the corridor with a zimmer frame the last couple of days and is now using the en-suite toilet in her room which is an improvement in it-self, we are doing the exercises the Physio's showed us and she is getting stronger each day.
The eating is taking a little longer, after not eating for so long its hard to get back into the habit they tell me, there are problems with the stomach not used to food and the rumbling and grumbling from same, the sickly feeling from the Chemo doesn't help.
The C T scan she had on Thursday afternoon show things still on track and reducing the tumour.

It was a disappointment to hear that her 3rd chemo yesterday had been cancelled as her blood count was not right and the white cells that fight infection were down so to introduce the chemo would have been too dangerous so its a wait until next Tuesday now, still its another week to get her walking better ready for home, which I think everyone there wants as they don't usually have patients in for so long.

Will have to start thinking about the hire of a skip to pig out the place and get rid of all the ready meal cartons.

Well that's the news for now, will see what to-day brings hey, talk about swings and roundabouts!.


  1. A little extra time to build up her strength is probably a good thing.

  2. Glad to hear Velda is getting stronger.