Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about, Lego Technics and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the Tabs at the top below the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Sunday in the park, 21.2.21.

Sunday lunch at KFC today 21.2.21, after warning of rain on the Weather forecast it turned out double figures in the temperature and no rain!.

So after lunch we went back down to Debdale park , and just managed to squeeze into a space.

It was quite mild  and lots of people in the park but the paths are quite wide and people doing the old side to side steps to stay on the opposite side to us , unless they were afraid of my vicious guard dog !, I don't think!.

All the spring flowers out in the park, it certainly makes one feel better!.

The birds seem to appreciate the bird food we take, I'm sure they know the people that bring food for them.

Plenty of Ring Necked Parakeets in the big tree today as well. 

Must keep groomed it will be breeding season soon!

Changed my car this week to a KIA Venga, same height for drivers seat but slightly shorted in total length. 

All singing and dancing, ex-mobility with only 3,000 miles on the clock, couldn't pass up that could I. 

Blanked out the Reg number as I don't want someone in London cloning it and me getting their fines  

  So what with a new PC (windows 10) to learn and this car with no CD, you have to pair your iphone to it for your music and then there's the Sat- Nav to learn,  why do I do this to myself I ask myself!, still its all sorted now and it keeps ones mind active I suppose.

Giving the modelling a break at the moment and have started this jigsaw puzzle which I've had for a while and kept putting off.

The finished size is only 420cm x 290cm, which is about the size of an A4 piece of paper.

There you go a piece on my thumb!.

Then you have to consider that there's a 1,000 pieces to fit!, good job I got new specs before lockdown! 

There you go all the news again.


An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys!.

If you look like your passport photograph, in all probability you need the holiday!.



Monday, 15 February 2021

Parrots in the park, 15.2.21.

 Today was a beautiful sunny day, slight breeze but not too noticeable when wrapped up well!.

After lunch at McDonalds it was on with Pepe's coat and my Camera and off round the park.

Doesn't look it from this angle but most people were keeping social distancing . 

Nice male Blackbird rooting though the undergrowth for any grubs for dinner.

It was a bit breezy high up in the tree for this Wood Pigeon. 

The Robin was more sensible in the ground cover,

Just as we got round to the big tree that the parakeets nest in, it started a light mist of rain but only lasted for a few minutes, good job I'd put Pepe's coat on. 

There again if you want a rainbow you have to have a drop of rain to create it, swings and roundabouts isn't it!.

Look at that beautiful blue sky after the rain washed the clouds.

It was so warm out of the breeze this one was nodding off.

The grooming must go on, mating time soon!

This is the type of tree they like with plenty of holes to nest in.

The male has a pink and black band around the neck, but is absent or very faint in females and juveniles.

So a good day out in the fresh air instead of on the treadmill, got to get better soon hasn't it!

Pepe has his wash and trim this week so a bit of a run out for us and a Bacon buttie take-out at the Cafe just up the road whilst I wait for him, I enjoy the trip as much as he does.

Been looking at birds so much lately I'm starting to look like one!.

Hence my Surname Teal.

AKA Duckie!.


Advice for teenagers, leave home now while you still know everything.

Late night TV is very educational, it teaches you you should have gone to bed earlier.

Don't worry about avoiding temptations as you get older,

they'll start avoiding you!.


Saturday, 13 February 2021

Saturday 13.2.21.

 Well, weekend again and all's well, though its very cold in this part of the UK!.

The Vaccine program is going well here with 14,000,000 people jabbed, so it shouldn't be too long before me and my friends Bob and Joyce get our second dose as we had ours on the same day.

Only been to my local park, Debdale recently due to lockdown rules, but there has been quite a lot of wildlife about there even though there's plenty of people about there they are mainly in the children's play area so it leaves the other area's for the wildlife and the photographers.

Plenty of Ring Necked Parakeets this week in the park,

Most people that stop to see what you are photographing, don't realise that these beautiful birds are now so established in this country that they are in the British birds listing!.

You can see with this one that they nest in hollow trees.

Been experimenting with frames from the Photoshop appt that friend Bob and I have on our PC's, a bit limited but it's worth trying out.    

Magpie usually two together, the other won't be far away.

Female Blackbird.

Spring can't be far away hey.

Usual cheeky squirrels about.

Our national bird and rightly so!.

Diners at KFC at Denton roundabout on the M60.

Give us a chip!

Plenty of Pied Wagtails there too.

 At first I thought this one had followed me home and then realised it as only a juvenile one, its been coming round for a few days now.

Wood Pigeon.

Goldfinches still eating me out of house and home.

Keep that dog Pepe under control!.

This post done on my new Windows 10 PC, mostly set up now but still needs a bit of fine tuning yet and a lot of studying, bought a book "Windows 10 for dummies" from good old Amazon so plenty of reading there. 



Friday, 5 February 2021

Good day today, 5.2.21.

 Today had lunch at my local Mcdonald's and and then had a walk down to the Lower reservoir at Debdale Park whilst I waited for an email from PC World at the Snipe to come and collect the new PC I'd ordered online outside there on Wednesday.

After a complicated order form which the lady at the door helped me though I was told I had to then wait until today, (Friday) for an email to say it had arrived in store!. 

I got the email today and when I got there had to press the tab on the email to say I'd arrived with my name, the last four numbers on my credit card, the last three numbers of my car registration and my inside leg measurement!, only kidding!.

Then got another email to say they were on the way out and to open my boot and the nice chap popped it into my boot and closed the lid, had to check it after he'd left, could have put anything in there couldn't they, my wife always said I was too cynical!. 

Still its the rules these days, but I can't see the point there, as I've never seen that many people there, its not like when you go to the Supermarket is it!.

Anyway back to the photo's of the wildlife at Debdale!.

There were eight swans at Debdale today, four that have been there a while and four new youngsters, so if you've missed a few at Daisy Nook or Reddish Vale the last few days they are here, alive and well although one of the eight is already trying to be the boss!.

So though I said its been a good day, I have still got to get to grips with this new PC and Windows 10!.


Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off!

Its not just the ups and downs that make life difficult its the jerks!.

 Some days you are the pigeon, some days you are the statue.