Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Last Sunday

Last Sunday (28th April) saw friend Bob and I at the Reebok Stadium for another Toy Fair as we had enjoyed our trip to Buxton a fortnight ago so much.
This is the home of Bolton Wanderers football team for the non footie viewers out there.

So at 1000hrs picked up Bob at his house and left Pepe there with his Auntie Joyce, we set off with me driving as Bob is Geographically Challenged when he's going North of his house, don't know why as he's been driving all his life!.
It's easy say's I, M60 then at the junction with the M62 turn left (or West) and continue following the M61 signs for Preston, to Jnc 6 , BUT when we got there it was blocked with a traffic accident of some sort, so after 10 minutes and no police or breakdown vehicles decided to fight our way back on to the motorway same as everyone else. At the next junction turned off on to the A roads which then added up to two lost souls!.
So it was out with the map and a good use of the Compass APP on my iPhone we finally made it to our destination and only about half an hour later than planned, we were surprised that we didn't see more of those brown signs pointing to the stadium!.
Arriving at the Show it was all free parking and soon found a spot and the entrance to the place and it was packed out as you can see and it had only been open for half an hour!.
On arrival

Twice as big as Buxton!

Plenty of Car's, truck's, railway's and dolls and anoraks of course!.

Bob searching for bargains.

So after meeting up with Bob, when I'd had enough and bought some good bargains for my truck collection it was off out into the fresh air and something to eat, though there had been catering inside there wasn't much seating for us old codgers! 

Bob with our goodies in the bag.

It was a unanimous decision that McDonald's was the eatery we both wanted, so just a few yards away to there and a nice sit down, must be getting old, still at 57 and 67 we don't do too bad, alright I've told you before I'm dyslectic when it comes to my age!, and I must be getting mixed up with the sail number on my Fiesta.
Bob sent me this one, titled Duckie at the Reebok, perhaps it should read more like Duckie at the trough!.
Having a cuppa, Self Portrait.

Finally my bargains of the day to add to my collection of the Eddie Stobart "Rugby" truck's.
So off we set, well fed and happy, on to the M61, M62 and then the A607(M) calling at my Son's on the way to drop off the Pointy Man and his two mates, he had lent me for my boat building, as he said not much work for him at your house at the moment so he is back in Oldham on the railways again!.
Back at Bob's, Pepe didn't seem all that worried about going home with me so Joyce and he must have had a good day as well.

Saw this sticker, on a car in the car-park, good innit!

That's all folks!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Out and about.

With the weather getting a little bit better Pepe and I have been a bit further afield this past week.
First we went up towards the Woodhead pass and turned just past Crowden camp site to visit the Longdendale Trail.

We had a walk along the first part of the trail and noticed that they have the Life for a Life scheme going there, you remember it's where you buy a tree for a remembrance of someone, The same as I spoke about a few posts ago that I had joined for a tree for Velda.  

And here is one that seems to be doing well.
Nice views, that's the road to Woodhead in the middle of the picture.

I was told by one of the locals, (he was a self appointed warden I think) that this area of the scheme was full and United Utilities who own the land wouldn't lease any-more at the present, shame really as it seems very popular!.
On the way back via Glossop we passed the new lambs of the season.

Whilst talking to some workmen at the trail site they said they had just come from a farm that had lost 200+ sheep in the recent snows, so these are some of the lucky ones this year

So frail to be outdoors in this still cold weather

Then a bit further on saw these two choppers 
 Must be nice to fly over all the traffic jams hey.

Wednesday I went to the model boat club meeting, Pepe was well out in his bed as he'd had a long walk!.
I met a new couple there who had just joined the club and the lady was in a wheel chair and I'd met her at the lake that day and she wanted to know if I would put them an advert in the Club Website to sell her motorised Scooters, I said "send me an e-mail with all the details and a picture of same". "I can send the e-mail but not sure about sending pictures" she said.
As they only lived in Hazel Grove I agreed to go the next day after I'd had my car fixed, I'd had a recall notice from Kia about the hand brake! They fixed it the next day in about an hour and had replaced all the  fittings and new callipers on the back, nice one Premium Garage at Dukinfield!.
They have a dog wandering round the show rooms, so had plenty of company whilst I waited, must have smelt the titbits in my pocket I always carry about.

Back to the scooters, was received in Hazel Grove with a nice drink and a chat, took the pictures of the scooters and then it was out with his boat he was having trouble with as it was his first build.

Friday saw Pepe and I back at the lake for lunch and a walk round the lakes, met our good friends Bob and Joyce there and as Pepe now stay's with Joyce if Bob and I go out anywhere, Pepe was quite excited to see them!.
The goose on the club landing stage garden is still sat there on her eggs, but not seen how many she has yet, and then it was down to see how the baby Coots were doing and here they are.
Mum and dad still busy feeding them

They are getting quite big now and taking grooming lessons from the parents, got to keep those feathers waterproofed kids!.

Then back down the newly laid path to the Cafe for another drink and a toasted teacake, lovely.
Still wondering how these trees stay up with half their roots exposed.

Its a big day at our house to-day its Pepe's birthday, he's 4 years old to-day and on the way home last night bought him a new toy!.
 I think he likes it, though he is tired here after his trip out to the lakes.

   If you are drinking to forget, please pay for your drinks in advance.

Wanted. Man to wash glasses and two waitresses.

Patrons who consider our staff uncivil should see our Manager!.

To avoid burning your hands with hot water, feel the water first before putting your hands in.
That's all folks.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Over the weekend

This weekend saw Pepe and I back at the lake, Etherow if you didn't know where!.
Met a couple of friends there Colin and Donald, Donald doesn't seen any further on with his laptop workings, though I've offered to help I don't think he is all that interested, can't understand why as he lives alone the same as me, I find it's a very good lifeline to the outside world and would be lost without my link out there.
On to the park, Pepe and I set off round the lakes and it seems that everything is coming together on the wildlife scene.

 We took the top path even though it is getting a bit harder these days, must get the old heart pumping hey!
Pepe off his lead

At the top end of the path, just past the sign that say's No fishing beyond this point!,

 threw a few bits of bread off the bridge and this big fish was snapping it up before the ducks could get a look in, they aren't daft are they, perhaps they can read after all

Then further along the path Pepe had a play on these sculptors, most people don't see these are they are off the beaten track.  

 Pepe like's peanut's, but that's going too far fella.

Things looking brighter now even if they are only weeds.

Don't slip Dear!

Whilst we are on the water, there only seems to be two baby Coots left, life can be cruel can't it!.

Still saw one of the babies swimming about, with mother watching over it and shooing away much larger ducks and geese.
So it was home in time for tea after a good natter with friends there.

Sunday weather was not so kind with it raining but still warmer than it has been and it was off to Son John's for Sunday dinner and see how the children had enjoyed their holiday in Venice!, it beat's my one week a year in Prestatyn in a caravan at their age into a very poor second place, but there again we were very poor and I suppose some people didn't even get that. Still we mustn't begrudge the children of to-day for what they get, they are not all as we see the bad ones in the media, they aren't good reading it seems!.
Pepe and Jessie seem to be getting on a lot better now and Pepe was having a play with her yesterday.

She called Jeeves into her bedroom. "Jeeves please unzip my dress" With a great deal of embarrassment he did so.
"Now Jeeves she said "Take off my stockings" 
Jeeves was now in a sweat.
"And now take off my underwear.. and if I ever catch you wearing them again you will be instantly dismissed"!
Boom Boom 
That's all folks.

Monday, 15 April 2013

This past weekend 13/14 April 2013

Friday saw Pepe and I at Etherow again where the Baby Coots mentioned briefly in a previous post are getting a little bigger.

Mum gone foraging

She's back with some grub!.

And some for the runt of the litter.

Then it was a play out whilst Mum cleaned out the nest.

Then it was another shot of the Robin taken on an earlier trip up the top pathway
Probably the same one, as they are quite territorial aren't they.

An old bit of machinery still there and in reasonable condition after all these years, they knew how to build things in the old days didn't they!.

Then on Sunday my friend Bob and I went to the Buxton Toy Fair, we had been looking forward to it for a few weeks and we were not disappointed. Full house of stalls and quite good prices really, Entrance fee a reason-abell £2 for Old Codgers like us with a ink stamp on your hand in case you wanted to go out for anything, don't show up very well on hands like ours though with all the liver spots and wrinkles!.

On the way in Bob took a few pix's

The Opera House and Tour bus

The Old Hall Hotel, checking out the menu for lunch later, if it was good enough for Mary Queen of Scot's here it was good enough for us, then we thought she only slept here, nothing said about eating there!.

So it was a pub in the High Street for Sunday Dinner and as you can see there was plenty of it, and yes that's me without a Hat.

Bob had the same and enjoyed it as well

A few of my bargain "Eddie" purchases on the day
These are 1.76 scale of a set of 15, perhaps some more at the next show!.
Comes with watching all those Antique Road Trip programs on the telly!.
"How much are you hoping to get for these Mate" and "How much if I buy three"?. 

Bob bought me this one 1.50, thank you Bob!.

Then I spoke to a nice lady stall holder and got these two 1.50 scale for less than the price of one,
Then her husband came back and I made myself scarce, she did say they were finishing shows and getting rid of their stock though.
The Malcolm one is "Eddie's" rival and the Boddington's is my favourite tipple. 
So a good day for bargains and good company too, Bob driving meant I could have a drink as well!.

Bob's bargain of the day was this beautiful Bentley, look at the detail on that!.

One of Bob's edit's
Noticed he's in the driving seat!.

Then it was home again as we didn't fancy the walk back to the show after having walked round so much first time, not before a quick check out of the bargains at the cheap shop on the High Street though!.
To-day's joke, thank's to Pam's Facebook entry. 

That's all for now folk's