Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding

Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom to-day

Better than Corgi's


Has its wedding day I thought a few wedding jokes would be in order.

After a few champagnes the tipsy young bride stood up to thank the guests for the presents, "...and I'd like to thank my parents-in-law for giving me such a perky copulator."

Even these days there are a few four letter words which can still shock most brides like
 cook, wash, dust and iron.

"Do you like big weddings or little ones?"
 "Without big weddings you shouldn't have little ones"

I will never forget my wedding . God knows I've tried !.

The bride wept, the bridesmaids wept, even the wedding cake was in tiers.

He introduces his wife as the Awful wedded wife.

He said "How can my wife spot a blonde hair on my shoulder, yet miss the garage doors?,

"My mother says I should never have married you," said the young wife during a tiff. "She thinks you're effeminate"  "Well"....he said "compared to her I probably am.

He got a telegram from his wife." I missed you yesterday. Come home and let me have another shot".

"Our marriage is based on trust and understanding, She doesn't trust me and I don't understand her"

He joined the Foreign Legion to try to forget his wife , but at least six of the legionaires looked like her.

Boom Boom!

All the best to the happy couple and may all their troubles be little ones.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Yesterday it was off to RJRs (number one son's) for Sunday dinner, and very nice too as always.
After dinner it was a ride to Greenfield to a new Pub the Kingfisher, just to park there and then walk round the back to where there is a new marina which was built at about the same time. So I could snap some boats!
There is a canal walk from the marina to Uppermill , this would be good if you wanted to go into Uppermill as the parking there when there is any activities is bad, ie "Yanks day" when everyone dresses up in wartime gear from when the film "Yanks" was filmed there a few years back. Brass band competitions held there too. 
"Bob the snapper" has taken some good pictures there in the past, perhaps after reading this he will send me some so I can add them to this blog!  

 Pub and Marina
 Back of the pub
Swing Bridge entrance to marina

Pub does a two for one offer as well, can't be bad. 
Pepe loved the walk with Ruth the youngest of the grandchildren too.

These are the pictures that Bob took on the "Yanks Day" at Uppermill on a previous event

Good day out!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Holiday Saturday

Not wanting to go out on the roads on a bank holiday weekend, it was off to Debdale Park with Pepe, though it was crowded with family's enjoying themselves, it was still better than stuck in some traffic jam somewhere.
And why would you want to do that when you're retired and have all the other days in the week to get out and about!

Debdale looking quite colourful at the moment!

As bob said "What a wuss!"

I 've done a bit more modelling for the seating in the Narra Boat, first did it in rough timber 

And then veneered it with some of Bob's Mahogany veneer.

Just need to make a table that will slide in the leg space to make a second bed and of course some seat cushions.

A general view of the stove area, all has to be painted/varnished when bits and pieces finished, before fixing into place on the floor panel.

Funny signs

Players picked for the darts team will be pinned to the board on Thurday.

On Irish pub door :"gone to lunch, back in an hour. Ps Already been gone 15 minutes

In a Scottish pub, Happy hour, 5-30pm until 6-00pm

Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar

Please do not leave whilst the bar is in motion

Ears pierced while you wait

Try our home-made pies, you'll never get better


That's all folks

Friday, 22 April 2011

Buxton and Bakewell

Wednesday we went to Buxton had a walk up the main street,checked out the charity shops for any good books and had a bite to eat and then it was off to Bakewell, Beautiful weather and the traffic wasn't too bad either.
 Down by the river

 One in every snap isn't there, those Canada geese get everywhere

 Rainbow Trout, the fishermen must be disappointed as these are really big, but no fishing allowed.
 Tufted Duck, fascinating to see these little diving ducks swimming under the water with the trout

Better picture someone else took earlier

As usual the male is brighter than the female.
All together now "Not as nice as these Teal's though"

And just in case you are looking for somewhere to go, check out this.

Teresa went to confession and told the priest she had sinned three times that week.she said she had slept with Shaun on Tuesday, Paddy on Wednesday and Shamus on Friday, "Oh Father what should I do?" 
"On your way home,my child" he said "call it Connors the Fruiterer's,buy a lemon and suck it".
"Oh Father,will that cleanse me of my sins"
"No. but it should take that damn smile off your face."
Psychiatrist: "So you think you're a dog, eh? That's no problem.Just hop up onto the coach."
Patient."I can't. I'm not allowed on the furniture!"
"Do you serve women in this bar ? "No you have to bring your own!"

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


It was the dentist for Velda yesterday had she had bitten off more than she could chew on Sunday whilst Jet washing in the back garden!, Made a nice job of the garden though, I do buy her the best tools for the job!

Like new hey, as good as the day it was laid.
I was told to take Pepe out of the way, has he would be getting all wet. So not believing my luck it was off to Debdale Park and round the Lower Reservoir for us.

Practising capsizing in the distance at the sailing centre, Ahh pleasant memories of my youth learning to Windsurf and canoe there after leaving shift work on early retirement, not quite youth though, I was in my mid fifties,but enjoying the freedom of completing courses for once.

The blocks in the foreground put in when the reservoirs were updated a couple of years ago  

Great crested grebe nesting out on the water, not as daft is Etherow geese evidently.

Everything in bloom at the moment, no wonder I'm sneezing!.

Then it was home to a bit of lunch and then modelling, this is the front end steps and cupboards and drawers, must get that section on the right straightened out , see what I meant about photo's showing up your defects,   still some tidying up to do on this section yet, but you see the idea, Tv to go on the cabinet on the right.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Binary Day yesterday, all 1s/0s

We went to the lake early and had a good days sailing, after the work day yesterday, so it was 
Sailing 1, Modelling 0
We were on our own until about 2-00pm and then a couple of newer members arrived, how can it be on a Saturday no one sailing only us two ! All the members can't be retired and going in the week.
Took Pepe round the lakes and on the way back took this picture of Velda's Wyeforce harassing this heron.

Wyeforce 1, Heron 0

Then it was home to watch the Match, there again the numbers 
Man City 1, Man Utd 0

Don't follow football really, but I used to live about 100 yds from City's old ground Maine Road when I was young and can still remember the players stood at the BUS STOP !! in LLoyd Street after their training session in the week, and no one mobbed them or even bothered them. 
Business 1, Sport 0  

Still live within a mile of the new ground , but still not interested watching 22 prima donna's kicking holes in one another

Well that's me black balled being a non football fan!.

"Where does your football team play, grandpa?"
"What football team,What are you talking about?"
"Oh dad says that when you kick off we can get a new house!"
Classified ad: "Young football supporter of good appearance and sound health offers hand in marriage to any young lady with two tickets to the grand final next Saturday, Please send photograph of the tickets.

That's all folks!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More in the kitchen/bedroom

With the rain yesterday, I managed to get a bit more done on the kitchen and bedroom, that's after taking
 " her indoors" shopping of course. I remember when she could go to the corner shops on her own.

The sink unit and draining board, still needs a bit of cleaning up, Isn't that woman's work though?

Raised the bed to a better height and added planking effect to front and rear, now over to Velda to make the bedding and pillows!.

General view of bed,kitchen and toilet/shower areas 

Shower area next when I think of ideas to make the taps and shower head, not forgetting taps for the sink unit .

He thought alter ego was a conceited priest.
She thought intercourse was a ticket to the races.
He thought VAT 69 was the Popes phone number.
She thought a Norwegian fjord was a Scandinavian car.
He thought manual labour was a Spanish waiter.
She thought awe-struck was being hit with a paddle.

That's all folks!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Sneezing, itching and scratching.

Yesterday didn't go to Etherow as being weekend all the people that work,the ramblers and wildfowl feeders would be filling the car park, we tend to go in the week when its a bit quieter.
So it was St Anne's on Saturday  and Debdale Park on Sunday, though Debdale was full with the fairground in attendance, Pepe and I had a morning and afternoon session there and in between I did some modelling.
That's where the sneezing, itching and scratching comes in, what with being outdoors so much (? hay fever) and then the modelling (with super glue) I was on a hiding to nothing.
Don't like super glue really but I wanted to stick Plasticard to wood and that's the best way I know how.

Bed area

Over bed cupboards

The bed needs to be higher but you get the idea don't you

The kitchen sink make from the bottom of a 35mm film tub found in the scrap box , goodness knows how long its been in there as I've been digital for years , but there again its eventually come in useful 


Shelf for the micro wave put in place for now needs front door and buttons

Oh well back to the itching and scratching !

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lytham St Anne's.wmv

A moving view of earlier blog

That's a heat haze you see on the film, can you believe it in April.

Guarding the money!

At the Beach Cafe Restaurant  

St Anne's day out

Yesterday we had a day out at St Anne's , we couldn't have picked a better day very sunny and a nice breeze to  keep it from being too hot.
Boating lake

Doktor Hotfingers

RNLI Station


 St Annes RNLI Station
Nice seaside resort and nice modern shopping area short walk away

If you are in the area and want to see the Model Boats 

Blackpool & Fylde Model Boat Club

Type: Lake/Reservoir

Blackpool & Fylde Model Boat Club
Fairhaven Lake, Ansdell, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, FY8 

April to October, weather permitting, sailing sessions, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings until sunset. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ashton Shopping

Yesterday it was the day for shopping at Ashton and going to the bank as our local branch is now the same as all things seem to be going "An Asian Restaurant". Still having said that they do seem to refurbish the sites and make them nice to look at instead of boarded and shuttered up, looking like down town Beirut.
Ah !! for the days when you could go for a walk window shopping in the evening and not being able to spend a lot of money because they were shut!
I went to a little model railway shop down an alley way and found quite a few items for my boat 

A nice stove,fancy clock, cake on a plate (no bread ! let them eat cake!) , nice butterfly picture,material for the bedding I will be making and lastly a tin bath which will have to be modernised.
Ah!! the old tin bath in front of the fire, I remember it well , Father first, then Mother,the kids, and lastly the baby , that's where the saying comes from I believe "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water"
When he was in bed he was terrified that there might be someone under it, then when he got underneath it he was terrified that someone might be on top of him. 
The psychiatrist told him he had a bed phobia and was treating him at £100 a visit.
After a year of treatment and the loss of a small fortune he told the psychiatrist he wasn't coming back again .
"I had a talk with the barman and he solved my problem for a couple of quid " he said , he sawed the legs off the bed!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Looking closer

On looking closer at the picture posted earlier in the week of the tree in Debdale I noticed that there was something else there, funny how you don't always notice things first time round.

On closer inspection, there it is a little fly!

I've always taken photos of any modelling I do as it certainly shows up any defects you don't notice at first.

These are the stairs for front and rear of the Narra Boat complete with nosing for visibility in the dark interior.

Made a start on the kitchen area as well , plenty of plasticard used here

Fridge area

Full frontal

Stove area
 This project is an on going project so watch this space ! 

This shows what I mean about showing up discrepancies I think, still its got more work to be done on it.
If you think I'm teaching Granny to suck eggs there might be someone out there it helps so I'll be happy, 

Talking of Plasticard here is something my son RJR made earlier in Plasticard.

Smaller one is Ho

Painted and weathered

Look at all those windows to cut out !

I'm just a chip off the young block really