Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Here there and everywhere

Last week Sister Babs and husband Bryan came over from Oz, a lot happier occasion than last time I must say. John and family, my new friend and of course the dogs had a trip to Dovestones forest site to show them Velda's tree, but only a short walk round the site as Bab's had injured her knee doing Yoga, I knew all this exercise isn't good for you. I'm an army veteran and with their idea's, don't stand up if you can sit and don't sit if you can lie down!, worked for me for all these years!.
In the evening it was off to the Kingfisher Pub in Greenfield for dinner where we met some more of John and Joanne's extended family, they are everywhere round there!.

This week I've been shopping and bought this great little water dish for Pepe,
As you can see it folds up and can fit in my small rucksack whilst out walking, realised the poor little thing wasn't happy drinking out of a Coffee lid, not deep enough!.
Thought of buying one for john's dogs but then thought they would think it was a frisbee, so decided not to bother.
Then it was a walk round Debdale as it looked too overcast to go all the way to Etherow, the floral displays looks well even though the cutbacks in the budgets for councils are quite severe.
Yesterday was a  trip out to Buxton, lunch at Bakewell  and then on to Matlock Bath with Marjorie and of course Pepe.

As some of you will recognize this is at Buxton, the small carpark next to the Railway pub.

This is a welcome sign in Buxton, must becoming popular if they are having printed signs like this made, there again you could take an alligator in the shops these days, anything to get you in and spending.

No problem people spending at Matlock Bath, picturesque town with nearly as many Chippy's as people and plenty of people from all over the world sightseeing 

For you information, forthcoming events at Matlock Baths, what a busy little town, remember it well from my motorbike days going there on Sundays (a mecca for bikers) with our Honda Goldwing and sidecar, none of your George and Mildred stuff for us!, we were like a dog with two tails.
Well that's all for today folks, but remember


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Castleton, Hope and Derwent

Yesterday it was  trip out with friend Marjorie, first to Castleton via Chapel-en-le frith, down Winnats Pass into Castleton itself, as it was overcast and threatening rain it was a look round the Information Center, then into the Cafe opposite for a bite of lunch, a very nice soup (potato and leek) and a sandwich and a Coffee whilst we waited, it was quite busy, there again the schools are out!.
The heavens opened while we were indoors then eased off which gave us a chance to look round and visit the Outdoor shop I've had some good bargains in the past, we were not disappointed as Marjorie found a nice ladies Cagoule in Lime Green which suited her light colouring, "What am I saying", you'd think I was one of the effeminate guys in the fashion industry wouldn't you. 
We will certainly need a cagoule with the weather seeming to have broken a bit now, and hopefully more trips out in the future and its a long winter isn't it.
Then it was off to Hope and over the hills to Derwent Valley which was as busy as usual with cyclists and ramblers, but the Cafe was open as always with a welcome Cuppa!, so it was a look round the information centre and then a sit down whilst Marjorie had a great time watching and feeding the hundreds of ducks round the car park, which soon came running over to share in the feast. 
They were very tame and eat out of your hand!.

Jemima Puddle Duck

Seemed strange that all the ducks were females and no Males around, had noticed that at Etherow with the mandarins last week, perhaps the males were resting somewhere after a busy breeding season!.

There you are something for the children off school, mine is the wrong colour isn't it!, What a Gorrrp!.

Whilst waiting for Marjorie to get ready, I'd had a stroll round her beautiful garden and spotted all the bees hard at work, "Ahh I thought I'll see how good this phone camera is close up" 

 and I think you will agree it does a pretty good job for a camera built into a phone, just goes to show no one has any excuse these days to produce nice memories.
Reminds me of Frankie Laine's song "Making Memories", must be going soft in my old age.
Well there you have it, another nice day out shared with you!.

Two old guys in a nursing home saw a female resident run past naked!.
"Was that Doris?" said Bob, 
"I don't know" said Charlie, my eyesight isn't too good these days.
"Neither is mine" agreed Bob, What do you think she was wearing?.
"I don't know" said  Charlie, but whatever it was, it sure needed ironing!.

That's all for now folks.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Out and about

Hi there folks!.
The last couple of days been out and about with the trusty hungry hound, people are always asking "what kind of dog is it?" and I say "It's a long haired Chihuahua cross Gannett" you know one of those big white birds that will eat anything and everything, well thats my boy!.
Thursday we went to Daisy Nook garden Centre and after a good look round decided that most of the stuff there looked like it was already to drop, so didn't buy anything but found out it was dog friendly and you could take the dog in on a lead!, sounds good for a further visit. The Cafe was doing a roaring trade as usual but as the soup of the day was Creamy Cauliflower gave that a miss Yuck!!.
As I came out there across the carpark was an "Eddie" don't know how I missed it going in, so it was out with the camera and a chat with the very pleasant driver.
 Part of the Biomass division, but not the posh white trailers you see on the TV program, driver said he was slimmer and better looking than Tim Fox on the telly program!.
 Nice open space for unloading, but I'll bet it was a struggle for him getting over the narrow bridge at the entrance 
Then it was round to the Daisy Nook Country park, and there you were thinking I was bias towards Etherow Country park!.
There is a nice free car park there, toilets and a nice little cafe where we had a bacon buttie and a drink before a nice walk.
And just as you thought you were getting away from boats there's one on the next corner, that's the cafe behind the Blue car.

Moorhen and young

Juvenile Moorhen

Preening lessons, keep those feathers nice and clean or you will sink like a stone, says the mother Coot.
That's the way to do it!!.

Took this picture for Son John, not for the lady fishers, which is unusual in itself but for the two Black Cockapoo's, as you can see the lady has them on a tight lead!, knowing the breed from John's, Jessie  they would be in the water  

This gives you an idea of the size of the place.
 Friday friend Marjorie, Pepe and I had a ride out to Derbyshire again, stopping at Buxton for a wander round the shops and generally taking in the air and the bargains at the Pound shops, I know how to give a girl a good time don't I?. 
Then on to Ashbourne for a look round and a bit of lunch, Marjorie loved it there with all  the quaint little shops and buildings
Then it was on to Carsington Water, a Trent Water authority reservoir that was built as a leisure centre as well and a very good job they made of it.
Admiring the view!.
I'm pleading the 5th amendment on who is admiring what view!.  

 Looking left 
  Looking right

There is a wildlife centre, where you can sit in a hide and watch the birds and waterfowl in a section of water away from the other activities like yachting canoeing and windsurfing. (been there done that in my younger days)

Been a tiring, eventful, but good day.
An elderly man attended a school reunion but was dismayed to find out his surviving classmates only wanted to talk about their various ailments, heart conditions,liver complaints and kidney stones.
When he arrived home, his wife asked him how it went?.
"It wasn't so much a school reunion" he sighed "More like an organ recital!.

A london widow decided to make out her will and make her final requests.
She told her solicitor she wanted to be cremated and her ashes scattered over Selfridges.
Why selfridges?, asked the solicitor.
"Because", she replied "That way I can be sure my daughters will visit me twice a week!.

Boom Boom 
Its the way I tell em!.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The past week

Over the past week with the weather still being reasonabell and the schools breaking up it was off to the Shire Horse centre again, as I said in my last post when you pay to go in you get the following months visits free, so knowing my Sister Babs and hubby Bryan are coming over from Oz and the schools out it was a good time to get the freebie!.
So it was off to the Centre again all be it that it was with a different beautiful lady my granddaughter Ruthie, what a ladies man hey.
It was a bit different as we just got there in time for a talk by the boss man that was very interesting to me I don't know about Ruthie, it was all about the breeding process so perhaps she was a bit embarrassed about it all. 
I won't bore you with more pictures as it's like a model boat show, the second time around you seem to take the same photo's again not realising until you get home and start to edit them.
It was a good day and only a few showers to spoil it.

Just this one horse picture, she was being got ready for  the Nantwich show the next day and to my amazement they used an industrial Jet washer to clean her!.

This is Ruthie with the Olde Worlde filter setting on my camera waiting for her lunch.

And as Ruthie is into photography, showed  her the Red only filter on my camera, reminded me of the film "Schindler's List" where it kept showing you flashes of the little girl in Red, good in'nit

Yesterday was a shopping day, first a bacon buttie and then off to Ashton, where the shop I was headed for on Stamford street "Ashton Outdoors" was closing down and 30% off everything.
The shopkeeper said that Stamford street that was once the town's High street was now dead, I suppose it's like all towns that have installed a shopping mall, people don't want to walk far or get wet.
Plus the indoor market is up and running after years waiting for refurbishment after the fire and better than ever.
Ashton did try to rejuvenate Stamford street some time ago and I think gave grants for people to have their shop fronts done in a Olde World style, but charity shops are not interested with that are they.
I'm not knocking Charity shops as some of my best reading comes from them and goes back again I might add.
Sitting at the dinner table, a daughter complimented her father on his improved manners.
"I'm pleased to see that after all these years you have finally learned to put your hand over your mouth whenever you cough"
"I have to" he replied "Its the only way I can catch my teeth"!.    
Thats all folks