Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Yacht terms

When I first started into yacht sailing people would say things to me and I was no wiser as I didn't know the names of the lines and rigging on the boat, so I thought I would publish this item I found on the web a few years ago.  If I'm teaching my Grandma to suck eggs I'm sorry but this post is for the guys out there just starting out into sails or new to the hobby.

And for the lines going to the controls for the rudder and sails.

I've found the most important thing on sail winches is the tensioner spring or elastic to keep the sheeting line on the pulley, I had lots of trouble until I installed one of these,  I use one of those ponytail elastics acquired from her indoors ! but keep your eye on it in case it perishes.  


  1. Very useful, Duckie, but we can`t read the words!

    How about a link also, so that we can see the pictures full size?

  2. Changed the size of the pictures so you can now see them better, by the way there is a special offer on at Specsavers at the moment!!

  3. I think you've got shares in Specsavers!