Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pepe update

Took Pepe to the Vets to-day for what we hoped was his final check up on his leg operation, after a good examination he was pronounced  fit as a Butcher's Dog, after another clipping of his rear nails which hadn't worn down with his reduced exercise,  it was off to the counter for his pick or two out of the treat bowl .

So its all ready for the summer now, guarding the landing stage at the lake from those pesky ducks and geese!!

 Many thanks to Pets at Home at the Snipe Retail Park at Ashton for an excellent job and treatment of our pet


  1. back leg still looks like its from KFC !


  2. Yes but looking better every day

  3. We`re pleased to see Rambo looking well again