Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The day after treatment two!

When to the hospital yesterday full of worries thinking about the after effects of the second treatment, didn't need to bother as Velda was sat up with big beaming smile and then ate a bit of toasted baguette I'd taken in 

It was only one piece but as they say a marathon starts with one step first, and who could resist that food, eat your heart out Jamie Oliver! The apple pie was bought and its all mine! got to keep my strength up.
She asked for a piece of KFC chicken to be brought in in the evening and I shared my 3 strip meal with her, Bad idea !, but I try not to argue too much as it might upset her, She ate one piece of chicken and a couple of chips, not a lot you might think but the first real food not in a tube for weeks, and as John and I thought too much at once and spicy to boot. It's rice pudding to-day whether she likes it or not, perhaps caviare next week!

Can you count all the marks and pin holes in this blank wall ? I think Velda can tell you as its the wall she is facing in her one bedded suite after she was moved with the chest infection last week, enough to drive anyone daft, so I put my thinking cap on and decorated it up a bit.

there that's better isn't it, but not many boats I hear you say 

You hadn't let me finish had you!

They won't like it Velda said, rubbish John said they might ask Dad to do the other wards!

Its a way to take peoples mind off things and give them something to look forward too I think, don't you.
They will probably move her back onto a 4 bedded ward now and I will have to move all my art work, still it gave Velda some pleasure giving me orders like "up on the left a bit with that one and down a bit with the other one
Yesterday there was nothing connected on the drip stand and the TEAM said as soon as she is eating by mouth properly she will be abell to come home and finish her treatment as an outpatient,  has was intended in the first place.
There has been one good thing about her being in hospital, I've been abell to leave the loo seat up without any complaints !!
I know how to spell "able" by the way, its just a thing with my mate Bob.


  1. Another good report with a light hearted touch!


  2. Hey great news! And pictures of Pepe should cheer anyone up -- even the nurses. Hope the news is as good when I get the update from my Dad about my stepmom. She's facing a similar challenge.

  3. Have a listen to Mariah Carey singing "Hero" Cathy
    I've certainly got one, I'm sure you will have one too!
    Any one going though this is one in my book and to look at people there smiling and being nice to one another, ( patients and visitors ) nearly breaks your heart!