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Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Mariah Carey - Hero, I've got one!

On my visit yesterday I found Velda was feeling a bit sickly, though not too bad, that's the chemo kicking in for the 2nd time I was told, but there was no pain!.
The team was round on their Thursday main visits in the morning and Velda asked her young ward doctor in the afternoon to fill me in on what was said at that meeting, just think she wanted to talk to him, he's her Dr Kildare, do you remember him in an early TV show!.
The outcome was that the consultant was very pleased with her progress and the blood check showed a 50%   reduction in the size of the cancer, how they do that though the blood I don't know, but he said in a few days after the 2nd session had been doing its job they will x-ray to see the difference better. 
So good news and she was very up beat with it even though she felt sickly.
I'd taken some rice pudding and sago pudding in and she had eaten some of that, (the toast though she likes it is too rough on her throat) so the doctor was pleased and said he liked my picture idea! 
So it will be a long trip back to eating normally again but she will get there I'm sure.

Watch and listen to this video "Hero" , as there are "Hero's" all around us in all their personal battlefields and I certainly have mine in Velda!

As soon as she can walk unaided, we have been told she can come home again, so yesterday morning I was out buying a couple of nighties ( for Velda I hasten to add ), and looked at a scooter for her, calm down you drivers its only one that goes on the pavement!
I can just see her scootering up the prom at Llandudno with Pepe on the running board , as long as she doesn't do what Colin's Auntie did and drive over the sea wall!

The Veldamobile

No she's not broken it just looking at the pamphlet, this is the breakdown to go in the car,
all managabell weight  pieces.

That's all folks

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