Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

2nd session

Well as I said the Team were so pleased with Velda's progress over the weekend than they gave her a blood transfusion on Monday, with the idea of her 2nd Chemo on Tuesday!! which the thoughts of that frightened her, I told her it was just changing the silver bag on the drip for a red one and you don't have to even look at it!.
She fell sleep whilst that was happening, perhaps it was my foot massaging. Women!
What a turn up hey.
I was quite surprised when they tested her blood for the transfusion as it was Red! her Mother had always given me the impression that her's was Blue! and I was marrying into royalty, Well I suppose I did as least get a lady.
Tuesday arrived and so did I, to find she had refused the chemo that morning, I had a talk to her and found out she was so frightened she didn't know what she had said. I contacted the Doctor( Yung ) and he and another came to see us  and we talked it though and she finally said YES, If I stayed with her whilst it was done instead of going home for tea, what can you say to that.
Then wouldn't you know it the twin shunt in her arm, (you remember White for food, Red for drugs, There will be a question paper when all this is over) the red one had blocked and the people who do that had gone home, so it was another shunt in and then a wait for the anti sickness drugs to go though and then the chemo.
All the cafe's had closed but I was given a drink by the staff, which was very nice of them.
By the time Velda's special cocktail of chemo was ready and had been run though it was 10-00pm and I got home at about 10-30pm to find Pepe doing a dying fly act with his legs front and back crossed in the air, and like a blacksmith made a bolt for the door!
So all in all a very long day, but then you can't sleep can you, as you rerun all the events of the passed day.,it didn't help by me going to the opening of the new ASDA round the corner in the morning, I only went to see what the prices were like compared with Tesco's and Morrison's. see what a sad old g*t I'm turning into Bob!
Still as the Lo'real advert says " the lady is worth it "!

So we are back on the original timetable who would have thought it, after the chest infection earlier, still nobody said it was going too be easy.


  1. A nice story, Duckie....and you`ve not lost your witty humour either!

    All the best with the assortment of treatments, hope you`re making notes, cos I`ve lost track now!

    Tell Velda to be a brave soldier, like Pepe was!


  2. Quite the day for all three of you. I hope today is peaceful.