Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Velda up-date

Velda has had a good weekend and been given sleeping tablets at nights now to help her get a good rest and its made all the difference, she is a lot brighter and alert.
She is eating porridge in  the mornings and I take in Tapioca and rice pudding, she only has about 3 table spoonfuls of each but at least its staying down!
I made the effort and took Pepe to Etherow on Sunday morning to see the Help for Hero's Day and we both enjoyed it and chatted with members of the club and friends on the cafe  balcony.
I took a video of Martin's pedalo on the big lake and you can see it here
click to see video
It did me the world of good and relaxed me for the next round of events at home and hospital.
The doctors have said that Velda is ready to come home as soon as she can walk properly and manage the stairs, so Son John has installed an extra handrail on our stairs this morning,so now I only have to stain and varnish it.
I've been checking out Scooters again and found this one

More of a ladies one don't you think?

There has been no drips up since weekend, so that when she is ready for home all her medication will be oral.
I found out how they measure the tumour in the blood !, it seems it creates an enzyme in the blood CA 125 that's not normally there, so they they can measure that and see if its reduced and to what extent, but still need to do X-rays after a couple of days.
Hope you are able to catch this in NZ Babs, I know you said you would try an internet cafe if you could,

That's all folks hope you liked the video. 


  1. That sounds very encouraging, well done, Duckie

    We like your Pedalo video too

    Joyce and Bob

  2. Joyce and Bob?? so are you letting Joyce near your PC now!

  3. Hi Peter a bit more positive news ,we checked your blog in N Z when we could get on the net.take care Bryan Great news Pete home safe Babs

  4. She'll be needing a basket for that scooter. You know us ladies and all the stuff we like to carry with us.

  5. There is one! I didn't give the people enough time to unpack it!