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Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, 13 April 2012

L is for Lifeboats

L is for lifeboats to-day.
What more can you say about this wonderful service that's not been said before, these fantastic people that go out to sea when everyone else is hurrying back to harbour.
Like firemen that go into fires when everyone else is dashing out!
Our club at Etherow now hosts the International Lifeboat Rally which used to be held in Southport
click here to see this years dates
The club had a stand at EventCity in Manchester last month and whilst there took these pictures of the Lifeboat stand there.
Some of the different models
A large stand!

Our club stand

There are many kits of Lifeboats.

 The first show we had at Etherow in 2010 was a great success
the Champion of Champions was this beautiful model
Champion of Champions


Engine compartment

Even had a spare engine

Lights , Radio controlled and working windscreen wipers to name a few items included.

Couple of oldies, what must it have been like going out in one of these !

What a pair of beauties

And a working low loader.

The 2011 show just got better and now looking forward to this year's event!

Great Service, something we should all be extremely proud of, I was going to say, and the government ashamed of not running, but there again they would only be doing the inevitable cutbacks wouldn't they, NO! its running great as it is BUT needs your support, how about it. 

As I said earlier they are going out when everyone else is running back in, even experienced sailors get into trouble with the unforgiving sea.


  1. L for Lifeboats was the obvious choice
    Nice blog as usual, Duckie


  2. This was a nice post, looking forward to reading your other A to Z posts!

    Just a Nice Girl

  3. Nice of you to drop by, What a nice girl!