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Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for Fiesta

F is for Fiesta 
No! this is not about the Spanish and Latin American religious festival or carnival.
Its about the small yacht's that the club I am a member of race.

The fiesta is one of the best small yacht's in the UK and probably the world, it is quick,easily the quickest of the small yacht's,responsive and yet forgiving.
It can sail in almost any wind with just the one suit of sails and will fit into the smallest of cars without de-rigging, (even my little Kia) what more could you ask for.

This is my Fiesta, its one of the early ones and as you can see its decorated, as I only sail it for fun and not into competitive sailing!. 
 They all have their own unique sail number registered by the manufacturer, any registered before Number 250 are know as Classic's as after that number the company was sold to someone else.

The hulls are fibre glass and are available in various colours, though not Yellow any more! I was told it took too much pigment to get a solid colour and added to the weight, its that competitive!. 

Enough of the advertising, which I don't get anything for Honest.

 I also have a smaller yacht, a Micro Magic supplied by the German company Graupner. These smaller yacht's have Plastic hulls and are built very similar to the Fiesta's though the price is cheaper, plastic against fibre glass I suppose

Here are my two small yachts, both very good on the water, I built the micro magic but bought the Fiesta second-hand, it didn't have a stand so bought a small stool, (£1 from a Pound shop!) and cut a hole for the keel and there it is, it also doubles as a seat if the ground is wet and there is no seating where you sail.
We are lucky in that respect as our club has seating and benches to work on your boats  

The Landing stage with rescue boat on the left in its own boathouse.

View across the water to the Cafe, information centre and toilets

So all in all a nice place to sail any boat, and its in a country park so some very nice walks thrown in.
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That's all for to-day folks, hope you enjoyed it.

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