Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

E in the A-Z Challenge

E to-day is for the Elizabeth Svendsen Trust.
I was a volunteer at the EST Centre in Manchester  for the first three years from its opening, I started a couple of days a week but it was so rewarding it progressed to the point where I was putting in more hours than the paid staff I think.
I helped Neil the handyman put up all these paddocks so the donkeys could enjoy the fresh air, beautiful aren't they! 
Click here for a view of the centre

At Play 


Its mine!

The aim of the centre is to get special needs children riding, and they get certificates at various stages in their training.
For children who couldn't ride!

Ready for work

Checking out new arrivals

New arrivals, Mother and son.

At Christmas time we put on a theme for the children.
This one was the three little Pigs, the ones that built their houses with straw,brick and wood.
We built the straw house out of bales as you can see, the red brick and the wooden house were just fronts on the right there.

Inside there was a Father Christmas giving out presents to all the children that came though on the carts.
We all dressed up in fancy dress costumes 
That's me as Princess Fiona.
Give us a hug

Ready for Christmas rides

Sorry about the Christmas scenes, but it is snowing outside here at the moment.
The EST Centre is part of the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, and you can see live webcam pictures by clicking here 
Well as you will have realised I'm not much of a writer, amend that to read a rubbish writer, but I hope if you take the time to read this blog you enjoy the pictures, as that's one of my main hobbies, nothing brilliant there either, just for fun.
F what to do for that???


  1. Stop rubbishing your writing its a great Blog!! BnB

    1. Fancy sending your sister porno sites we just clicked the link to live web cam and there was a donkey mounting another one tsk tsk can't wait for the F WORD

  2. I can't censor the donkey webcam can I, and you might be disappointed with to-day's F word!

  3. We thought it was hilarious Pete couldn't stop laughing for ages ,very interesting Blog about the G Western too Bryan