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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for Modelling

M is for Modelling.
Well what else could it be for me, its sad that a large majority of our club members are older person's, it seems that modelling is a dying art that youngsters are not into any more. perhaps the thrill of dashing home with an Airfix Model and getting glue stuck into everything has been taken over by the computer game!, model shops are closing taken over by internet shopping which is al-right if you know what you want, but not like children going into a shop and seeing the kit displayed in its shiny box
I know at the lake the first thing we are asked is how fast will it go and the how much did it cost.
These days you can pick up a good 2.4 gig transmitter + receiver  for the price of a good video game.
AAH I hear you say but what about the price of a boat?
Well how about these! each year we have a Commodores Challenge and here are some of the entries.

2008, boats made out of cardboard boxes
Even got the writing lined up hasn't he.

Look at this one go!
These still in use after a couple of years.

Another year, 2007, a boat made of recycled material!.
Can't get much cheaper than that hey.
Winner 2007

Then there is the Ready-To-Run type
But this isn't modelling really is it.

The beauty of modelling is seeing your model sailing or flying (plane hopefully not boat) knowing that you made it!, and what a learning curve it has been on this particular model.
So the hobby is like everything else, its that ever you want or can afford to put into it.
£40 or £400 and beyond.
That's it folk's

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  1. Another interesting blog, Duckie
    It is strange.....The lack of young club members!
    For some reason their interest in the hobby doesn't seem to last long
    But there's no shortage of old geezers