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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 6 August 2011

2nd Visit

Thursday (4th) saw us again at The Christie, this time it was for the kidney test at the Nuclear Medicine Dept.
There is is some clear fluid inserted into your blood stream and then it is monitored two hours later by taking blood from the other arm and then another two hours after that! after its been though your kidneys, this shows them how they are working it seems.
Hope you are paying attention as I will be asking questions later!
Whilst waiting during the first two hours Velda mentioned she had felt sick the last couple of days, and no sooner said than done she had an anti sickness injection in her backside and a doctor taking blood and then an abdominal x-ray, talk about service!
Our appointment was for 9-00am and when we were in the room for the first jab I happened to look up and there was a clock that said exactly 9-00am ( I read it, it wasn't a speaking clock)
After tests at exactly 11-00am and 1-00pm it was home again.
So now you know what a kidney test at The Christie is all about 
The staff were as nice as the last time we went, so that was very encouraging and not a flook the first time.

The District Nurse came yesterday and after a chat with the GP at the surgery they have decided to try Morphine in slow release tablet form to try and get over this sickness thing, we will have to see??

What's all for now folks, have to hang out the washing on the see....., nearly burst into the old wartime song then!
Trying to keep the house up to its usual high standard, so she is happier not seeing any dust!!

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  1. A very nice light hearted report!
    Keep up the good work, Duckie and the TLC of course