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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Maynards Wine Gums

 Last night I turned up for visiting and she had asked for some Maynards Wine Gums, which she said would be a bit tasty for her mouth after all the medicine, I had bought a small tube of them in case she didn't want them after a couple of them, I got a right rollicking for not buying a big packet!!, women!! Must be feeling a bit better already.

Son John is lending her a small Note Pad (lap top) to see if its to her liking before I buy one, it might be too small!, she likes playing Spider Solitaire and it would pass the time of day, up to now she has just lay there in a semi sleep, says she couldn't concentrate on anything because of the pain.

On to the medical stuff, she has had her patches up graded and has a saline drip in and when I went last night she had had a bit of tea and had had some soup for dinner! so things are looking a bit better on the eating front. She is getting a better sleep now with the patches but the noise in the ward is distracting her at night, I told her she has at least got the best of both worlds in being able to switch off her hearing aid!

Just shows that the food in The Christie is better than the stuff I was trying to give her, Velda says that the food there is the best of all the hospitals she has been in so far,  You can have food any time night or day as long as it builds you up and gets you on your feet and ready for your treatment!

Doctor to new patient;"First I need to study your medical history. Do you pay your medical bills promptly"!

"I think I've got amnesia Doctor"
"Ok,then I will ask for my fee in advance"!

Patient; "Aren't these pills habit forming?
Doctor; Rubbish I've been taking them for years"

"Doctor, I have a small embarrassing wart"
"Divorce him"

"Well doctor, how do I stand?" 
"I don't know. its a damned miracle!"

That's all folks


  1. Barbara says you should bill maynards for the free advertising

  2. Hello Ducky
    That sounds like a bit of good news at long last!
    Very encouraging....how about a nice box of Thorntons chocolates now?
    All the very best to both of you

    Bob and Joyce