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Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Visit to The Christie

Last Thursday (28th) Velda and I had our first visit to The Christie,  not a place you would want to go to really ! but there again its noted as the biggest and best in Europe for the work it does! so its not all bad if you need to go somewhere like that.
This was just for a blood test and interview with a doctor to explain the forth coming procedures.
We have another appointment this Thursday (4th) at the Nuclear Medicine dept to have blood tests on her Kidneys which takes three tests with two hours between each test, so we will be there quite a while, there are restaurants and cafe's there and you can go out into the gardens if you feel up to it between tests we are told.
The next process is an appointment  on the 11th to finally start the treatment!! which is a one treatment of chemotherapy every three weeks for six times.
The hospital and staff there are second to none and I can say that the staff and organisation are brilliant, everything is so organised, you are guided from one section to another with the minimum of fuss and waiting.

I must say as well that of all the help given on the NHS, the district nurses have been the best of all and very professional in everything they say and do!, well done to you all!

We must be the envy of every country in the world with our NHS its just a pity that its abused by a few people that don't want to work or have never worked.

Well that's it for now folks,  thanks again of the cards and messages much appreciated. 


  1. All the best you two!

    It sounds very encouraging!


  2. Thank you Bob, for those encouraging words