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Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Good day at The Christie

Yes, yesterday was Velda's best day yet and spent most of the day asleep with a smile on her face.I don't mind as I take a book and read, as long as I'm there when she wakes up and then drifts off again its worth the effort to go. Perhaps it was the ponytail sapping her strength hey.
She had to go to the theatre just before I got there in the afternoon and had a shunt put into her upper arm which can stay in up to a month!, whereas the others could only stay in a few days, this new shunt has two inlets ( Positive and Negative)  No!! not really they are  (Red) for drugs and another for food (White), now she won't have to suffer with all the jabs every few days, she was starting to feel like a second-hand dartboard.
A therapist gave her a foot massage in the afternoon whilst I was there, to relax her she said, I could have done with one myself, Velda looked so peaceful and happy!
Well things are looking a bit more positive at the moment and the Dr says it will get better after the second session of chemo, fingers crossed hey.

After a lengthy examination the doctor came out of the surgery and said to the patients wife, "I don't like the look of your husband ".
"Neither do I ,but he's nice to the kids" she said.

The doctor had finished his examination and with a smile on his face said "Mrs Jones, I have some very good news for you"
"Miss Jones " she corrected him.
The doctor wiped the smile off his face "Miss Jones I have some very bad news for you!"

The doctor checked his patient over and with a puzzled frown said "I can't really tell what the trouble is. I think it must be due to the drinking"
"I understand Doctor, I'll come back when you're sober!"

That's all folks

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  1. I'm so glad to hear the positive report, you are in my prayers.