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Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The ponytail has gone!

Its been an up and down weekend emotionality really, on Friday, Velda had a C T Scan and was told that she had to wait for the results until Monday,.
I took the scissors to the hospital on Saturday and at Velda's request cut off her ponytail which she has spent the last 10 years cultivating, it took me about 10 minutes to lob it off, she was fed up with it round her neck all the time whilst in bed, Now I'm no Mr Teasy-Weasy , those of you of a certain age will remember him from the 50s and 60s as a gay hairdresser to all the famous people of the time.

All the staff think its a good job, but I think its all part of the feel good factor! the hairdresser from the hospital  comes back off her holidays next week and will be abell to shape it into something better I'm sure, but for now its functional, Velda's been cutting my hair for years so it was about time I had my turn!.
When I went to the hospital yesterday  (Monday) Velda  told me she was being moved to St Annes Hospice!
I went to see the Deputy Ward Manager, Janet, a lovely caring lady , and asked her about it and she said there had been a mistake and the doctor who had initially admitted her would be coming up to see us and have a chat!
The outcome was that the doctor, Dr Yung, ( Looks like Jet Li in the Kung fo films) said that he had looked at the C T Scan and had decided to keep her there at The Christie and build her up ready for her next Chemo session, has he could see an improvement already, and not to be impatient as it was only one week since her first session, and would really feel the benefit after the next session, which should be as an inpatient again 
The palliative care team were in attendance too and have changed the cocktail of drugs in the box on her arm so that she is not feeling as sickly as before, so all in all a good weekend with plenty of positive news.
As I've said before, What a hospital and the staff are wonderful, they always ask the visitor how they are coping and do they need any help or advise.
So she is staying put and hopefully sleeping better and putting some weight back on in the near future!

This is a video off my son's blog .

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  1. You are doing a great job, Duckie, with good humour too.
    Both of you, keep your spirits up and lets hope, Velda is feeling much better soon!

    Joyce and Bob