Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, 12 August 2011

Velda update

Been a bit busy lately but here is the latest update on Velda !
Yesterday was to be the first of the Chemo sessions for Velda so we arrived spot on time and the first call after reception was another blood test and then sit in the waiting area, the Nurse manager (outpatient dept) soon spotted than Velda was in a lot of pain and she was moved to a cubicle!
We were then seen by a doctor at the allotted time who dropped the bomb shell that Velda was too weak to be given her chemo that day as it's quite dangerous if your system is not up to it!, she has not been able to keep any food down for quite a long time, this has resulted in her losing quite a bit of weight, this not though the want of trying on the part of the GP, District Nurses and McMillan nurse who have been coming regularly.
We were then informed that Velda should be admitted for building up and hydration and that then she would be given her first session of Chemo ( there as an inpatient) when they thought she was up to it, though it was a shock to her I have been quite concerned lately , more than usual I should say really and thought the Chemo was not going to happen that day but didn't see the admission coming!.
I am sure that Velda is in the right place at the moment and that couldn't be any better than at The Christie.
Many thanks for the calls and messages we have received over the past weeks and hopefully the next Blog will be better news!  

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