Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Back to the build

After visiting the Blackpool Show I got home and found the Stanchions I bought as 3mm didn't fit the brass rod I'd bought earlier so I've had the fiddly job of drilling and filing the holes to fit all 20 of them ,still that's what modellings all about isn't it.

These are for the roof rails instead of the wooden dowel and little blocks supplied with the kit, just thought it would look smarter and with the brass balls made earlier by my mate Bob the Builder should look the bees knees.
I'd bought some furniture gliders thinking they would be al-right with wooden dowel underneath for roof vents, but as the build progresses I realised they were too big  ( will come in for something no doubt ) so went to the local glass merchants and bought some brass mirror studs for a couple of quid so with a bit of plastic tube and the screws cut down will look more like the size required.
Whilst at  the show I also bought a Graupner smoke unit from "A Model World" stand and it was cheaper than the one I bought for wife's launch two years ago ( £12.50), you don't get that very often these days. At £11.50 it was cheaper than any I'd seen on the net which ranged from £15.50 to £17.50. 
These smoke units are only the size of a BIC pen top so good for just fitting inside the funnel of your boat and connecting to the + and _ of the motor leads puffs to the speed of the motor and the fluid seems to last forever.
Bought 3 lead acid batteries there as well from Model Power at £4.95 each , Maplins price £12.99 !!.
So it was a nice surprise to get some of my list at these good prices and made the trip worthwhile.


  1. This is really nice, but if your looking for furniture movers is great it took less than a minute to get them into place as the top area is a foam like substance and the legs rest on it perfectly. These are wonderful items!!