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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 25 May 2015

Cotebrook Shire Horse centre.May. 2015.

Cotebrook Shire Horse centre.May. 2015.

At the beginning of the month we had been  to the Cotebrook Shire Horse centre, and from their Facebook page found that a couple of their mares were in foal, one on the 16th of this month.
 So it was off again on Thursday thinking we would see the newest foal, but the Owner had been up for the last two nights thinking any time now!, we then saw on Facebook that the Colt foal had arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning, so it was back again on the Saturday morning. 
You might think this is costing a fair bit of money, But!, if you pay to go it you also get a certificate to go free for the next month!, can't get better than that can you, we have been three times u to now and the next foal is due on the 27th, so we will get to see that too.
Here is the sequence of events for the latest foals arrival!.
On our first visit, Carron, lady in waiting.

Eight hours old!

Tiring this standing up 

Legs still a bit wobby

What are they all staring at Mum?.

Tired Alistair, three sleepless nights.

There was an ITV film crew there to film the occasion for a program that will be going out next Summer of big animals giving birth!

Gavin Barkley the cameraman, been filming all over the world!

Simon Paintin the director, they were waiting in the sunshine for three days, tough job but someones got to do it hey!.

There is another birth due on the 27th of this month, 
Beth, I'm bet Alistair is hoping it won't be another three nighter!.
Both these mares were sired by Edward the best in the world stallion!, 

Some of the other foals at the centre, some owned by them and others on a visit to be mated 
In the barn.

Proud Mum

Out in the paddocks

Beth the next birth.

As well as the shires there are other attractions for the whole of the family, such as these little piglets.

And Rare breed chicks.

Hard work this child minding!

Scottish Wild Cat.

Whilst we were there we saw Edward the Stallion doing his stuff, I won't put the pictures on here as it may offend some people!.
The are only Eight Premium special Stallions in the world and Edward and three of his sons live here! so quite an achievement for the owners.

Nice food in the Cafe!, or you are quite welcome to bring your own food and eat it in the picnic area, not many places want you to do that do they!.

A very good day out and as if that's not enough with the month's free entrance there is another special for OAP's .

 Check out their Facebook page for updates!.

Where else can you get value for money like this!.

Unfortunately you can't take dogs, you can't blame them for that though, got a good example of people letting their  dogs off the lead today at the Lake where a Jack Russell off the lead disappeared down a badger sett and just stood there laughing, the warden wasn't too pleased when we told him and he said they were lucky to get the dog back if the were babies in the sett!.
Can you imagine them chasing the young foals and other animals.
Thats all for now!.

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  1. Nice blog, Duckie

    I`ve noticed that Shire Horses have distinct rounded noses, which normal horses don`t have
    Like the way cartoonists portray

    The little piglets look adorabell...As do all the baby creatures