Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Monday, 3 June 2013

The past week

The past week has seen Pepe and I at the Etherow lake in Compstall nr Romiley, Stockport (if you haven't visited here before) you have to get out and about whilst the weather is good don't you.
Baby Mandarins

Baby Coot

Being fed

Feeding the kids

Juvenile Coot  

Had enough now, let's go home!.

Took a few video's at the lake during the week but haven't edited them yet, I'm a Telly addict and you know what someone said about that.
Television is the thief of time!, and that's quiet true.
I have no excuse and saying I've not had time is rubbish,see below.
So there you go next time you are going to say that!.

Now Sunday was a great day out for friend Bob and I, and saw us off to the Buxton Toy Fair again to see what was on offer and visit the model Boat lake in the park there.
After parking up we set off up the pedestrian high street checking out the shops at see what we would get on the way back, no flies on these two old codgers!.
Then these two made our day really.
Nice ones Bob.

I think Joyce, Bob's wife would have been quiet happy for him to take these home, though Pepe who was having a day out there with Joyce wouldn't have been too pleased

And Bob would have liked to take this home.

Then on to the toy fair, there wasn't anything that we spotted that we were willing to pay the prices being asked, so after a good look round we moved on to the boating lake, on the way there took a few pix's
The river Wye

View though to the lake, beautiful weather for it.
This is one of Bob's, he has a more artistic flare, would make a nice postcard wouldn't it.

Another one of Bob's, catching me snapping the ducks he's called this, "Duckie and his kinsfolk"
What good pictures, and we only had our Compact camera's with us.

The compact's didn't quite catch the detail under the eve's of this building though, all that detail added by the architect's in the old days which most people will never notice, (including me) but Hawkeye Bob pointed them out to me.
1500+AD this building was built!.

Unfortunately there were no Model boats being sailed, can't understand it on a day like this, he say's being in Buxton and his boats at home in Manchester! 

Then when I was thinking all little ducklings looked the same yellow and brown, spotted this family with a black sheep duckling in the family.

And there he is quiet a rarity, to me anyway.

Also a Tufted Duck, very similar to the golden Eye, but you can just see his tuft behind his head

These are small divers as you can just see here where his mate has disappeared below the surface.
Then after a nice stroll round the park we set off back to the high street to get some shopping and a bite to eat
We went to Chippy's Plaice in the high street and had Fish, chips, peas and bread and butter with a drink
Bob doesn't like waiting. 

Oh is it here already!.

I'm quite happy to wait, no hat on indoors you see, I was dragged up in Moss Side.
Wouldn't think I was only 57 would you, Oh there again mixing up the number of my model Fiesta Yacht 

So it was on down to the pub at the Railway Hotel for a pint and sadly all the railway memorabilia had vanished and only the name seems to be left, still it was a nice drink on a hot day and we discovered that the menu was far better than we had just had, still it's something to look forward to for next time.
Mary had a little lamb
A lobster and some prunes
A glass of wine, a piece of cake
A plate of macaroons
She gobbled down a sponge cake
And what else we don't know
But when they carried Mary out, 
Her face was white as snow.
Bob and I weren't that bad honest!.
That's all folks.


  1. A very nice blog, Duckie

    Lovely story and nice bright photos too
    Sunshine makes all the difference in photography

    It was a nice day out and good exercise walking about
    We saw some very nice architecture from the old Spa town days!


  2. Good company and nice weather what more can anyone else ask for, a drink as well perhaps!.

  3. Came back from the toy far without any more trucks- thats a first
    You certainly know your birds have you bought yourself a bird guide?
    Veldas tree will be planted this month won't it?

  4. Yes it was a first Bab's, but held out for some bargains and they weren't forthcoming. I've had bird guides for years and it's Bryan that set me off twitching when you lived in Beeston and I saw my first Great Crested Grebes doing their courting ritual. Yes it's velda's tree this month on the 29th, just it time to be settled if we go there for a walk round when you come over, plus Etherow of course, unless you have something else you want to do!.