Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 20 September 2010

Side decks finished

Yesterday finished filling in the gaps between the side decks and the hull , such a good way of the kit plans doing it not much filling to do (and my cutting of course), and no freeing ports like my last few builds, that's a bonus !.
Then finished the rear deck hatch , the two pieces stuck together and the hole for the tiller drilled

Finished the Bow sprite , all fillered and sanded down.

Thought a bit of chequer plate plasticard would look good in the front well so did that to see if it would look right on the boat and thought it was alright so will put some on the rear deck as well when I get round to it.

So now its on to the superstructure , that will slow me down as there are all the windows to cut out and my mate Bob can't help with his Band Saw has they don't cut out holes !! so it will be a bit of sharp craft knife and fret saw job.


  1. Excellent progress. One suggestion, is it to late to scribe a trapdoor in the chequer plate, from memory Im sure there is a lift up section to allow access to stuff underneath.

  2. The whole deck lifts up at the moment.
    Not sure what to store in there at the moment.

  3. I seem to remember when I went away on a narrow boat that the trap door in the back was how we got access to the propeller to untangle weeds from round it?

  4. The chequer plate is in the front and detachable and the rear hatch cover is detachable to gain access to the motor and prop shaft. May put the battery in the front to balance out the weight on the motor and shaft or even the lighting battery you got for me. Will still need some lead as well to ballast it all out, Got any more left ??
    Forgot about your Narrow boat holiday disaster.