Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Rear Deck fitted

Yesterday, bad weather so it was more modelling.
Rear deck plate with beads in to support the hatch covers
Fitted the rear deck and it went in a lot easier than the front one has it didn't have the angled sides of the front one.
Then it was the turn of the rest of the 8 formers, just a matter of dividing the space between No1 and No8 and then epoxying them in 
Whilst this lot was drying I cut out the rear hatch covers ready to be fitted 

I'm finding that the worries I had at first about the plans not being to scale were unfounded as the instructions and plans together have been very good and someone with very limited modelling skills would find it no problem as a first time kit.
I hope to add a few extras as I progress, we will see !! 
I suppose its not impossible to fit a working top with a cassette dropped in with a commercial load instead of furniture at a later date as I did for my 10 hatch coaster with its different decks, don't know how I do it for the  money !.

These pictures were taken at St Anne's Boaters lake in 2006 and been in the back of my mind all this time, so must have made an impression, nice aren't they!.

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  1. Your motoring on now !!! I had great plans for some modelling tonight, but didn't get back from working in Southport tilt 8.30 Never mind, there is always tomorrow.