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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 2 September 2013

We're back!.

Yes we're back off holiday!.
Had a wonderful time in Bonnie Scotland this past week with Son John and family, this also included some of Joanne's family also. It turned out there were 8 of us and one baby and wait for it 6 dogs,  yes that's right six dogs!, there are not many first class apartments that will allow you in with 6 dogs are there.
The trip up to Scotland was very good with a stop over at Carlisle to do a bit of "Eddie Stobart" spotting and a stop now and then for a walkies and lunch for Pepe and myself.
It was all rather uneventful until nearer the destination, I thought I'd better turn on my Sat Nav as it all looks very similar round  there with all the fields full of wheat and corn as far as the eye could see, that was my first mistake!, as a little further down the road Miss Sat Nav said "turn left at the next turn" I did and after a ride through a farmyard scattering hens in every direction finished up in a quarry!.
Sat Nav's who needs them!.
On arrival, eventually!, I was just in time to welcome the other family members who had arrived via the beach to while away the time until we could get the keys to the very nice accommodation.
Pepe likes the living room!.

The view from my bedroom over the fields

And the outside view, that's the swimming pool on the right 

The welcoming committee for Joanne's Dad in the other new block.

School next week so there is still class work to catch up with.

The view from the front door to the seating area and across to the childrens play area.

During the week it was eating out in the evenings and as we had 6 dogs it was thought to be better having takeaways, first night of course had to be to the chippy at Anstruther the best in the UK

With frequent calls during the week at the ice cream parlour at St Andrews noted here as the best in the UK

And there we all are enjoying ourselves with some of the dogs.

But wait a minute there's one missing Me!
But that was soon corrected, by my good friend Bob when I got home!.

Some general views of St Andrews for you,

 Remember the film "Chariots of fire" thats the beach they were running on and then went into the large hotel in red.


 Dog's enjoying it the most
 Main Street, St Andrews style.
The harbour

Nice stone work hey, better than concrete!.

 Save me from this monster Dad!.

On the beach there are these exercise machines for the healthy option instead of the ice cream parlour! or after perhaps.

One for the young at heart, Doctor Doctor I feel sick on this bobbing thing..

Well that's it for today, hope it gives you a feel of what its like to be on holiday with 8 people and 6 dogs!,

By the way John's family took delivery of their new addition to the family the day after we arrived home and here I am with it yesterday at the sunday dinner do.
Meet Max, the chocolate Cockerpoo, 8 weeks old, what a little beauty hey.

My dog's so obedient
He does as he's bid
The park bench said "Wet paint"
And that's what he did!.
"Did you say your dog's bark is worse than his bite?"
"Well for goodness sake don't let him bark, he's just bitten me"
That's all folks.


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