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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Velda's Tree.

After a long time and a lot of thought given to it I had finally decided what to do with Velda's ashes. 
The date for the planting seems quite far in advance when I booked it, but like all things it finally arrived and was well worth the wait!
So on Saturday 30th June 2013 I met John, Joanne, Ruthie and of course the dogs Jessie and Pepe at Dovestones Reservoir car park in Greenfield and proceeded up to the  site of the current planting area where we were met by the Founder and Chief executive of the scheme Norman, who took us to the plot where the tree was part planted just before we arrived. 
I don't know what John and Jo had thought would happen, I must admit I thought it would be scatter Velda's ashes in the hole and that would be that and we would be left to our own devices,  but Norman explained the charity work done by the scheme and then took us through a simple ceremony where we all in turn put soil on the tree and then scattered the ashes into a container at the side of the tree which breaks down over the years and nourishes the tree for the next few years to help it grow hence the Life for a Life.
I'm sure I've made the right decision and Velda would have approved specially with the Dog's there!.
The tree a beautiful Silver Birch, Velda's favorite and Jessie introducing herself  

Part of the family, as you can see it was a nice fine day for the occasion 

The plaque 

Pepe and I

The view to the reservoir 

The view to the rear, of Indian Head

 Afterwards a run for the dogs

Another site that's full now

 The green square is where we have the tree
Norman finishing off the planting with Indian Head in the background, tilt your head to the right and see the Indian on the skyline.

Looking down the reservoir 

So as you can see a beautiful site, one where in our past life together spent many happy hours climbing and rambling with our dog's and picnic's.
Yes I think I definitely made the right decision and Velda would love it there!, and I would be quite happy to join her there one day.
If this idea appeals to you why not give it a look 
 This is a living tree enhancing the environment and adding beauty for the benefit for the visitors to the park and will be here for years to come, not a lump of stone in some place nobody sees, anyone can stroll through the site on a nice day and all this not to mention the donations to charity the scheme provides.
After a run for the dogs we all went to the LimeKiln Cafe in Uppermill where dogs are made welcome, 
It had turned a bit chilly by then so we sat inside 
Jessie and Pepe sat under the table and although the place was full, behaviored themselves very well.
The front 

The rear which backs onto the canal where you can watch the narrow boats passing.
Pepe and I will have to go in the week when its not so busy!.
Yesterday Pepe and I went to the Club Event at Marple Locks Festival and it was another long day, out of the house at 0800hrs and didn't get home until 1800hrs.
Pepe had a good walk round with his Aunt and Uncle, Joyce and Bob exploring all the stalls.

So all in all a good weekend and nice weather to boot, they say the sun shines on the righteous don't they.
Ps have you noticed the Summer theme on the top header?, many thanks for that John.


  1. Have just commented on John's Facebook This was a great idea our Pete
    Good shots with your new camera
    Looking forward to going with you when we come

  2. Looking forward to it Bab's

  3. Testing testing

    Is this working?


  4. Hello Peter, John and Family

    What a nice idea? A living tree, growing for many years to come, in a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil spot, where you can visit and talk to Velda once more?

    A very moving blog, Duckie, with lots of photos to remind you of this very solemn but meaningful occasion

    A lovely gesture.........RIP Velda.........Gone, but not forgotten and never will be

    Joyce and Bob Abell

    1. Thanks Joyce and Bob, wonderful friends.