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Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cotebrook Shire Horse centre

On Friday took Marjorie to the Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, picked a good day for it as the weather was just right, sunny with a slight breeze so it wasn't too hot.
A nice pleasant drive through the cheshire countryside soon brought us to the centre, which is in Tarporley.
This is the welcoming sight as you drive up to the centre with plenty of free parking and even a countryside pub next door if you require refreshment of the liquid kind!.
Though the entrance there you find the reception area with a nice shop and Cafe, the entrance fee receipt is clipped to a card which allows you free admission for the next month as many times as you want from the date of your receipt on that day, can't be bad not many places you get that is there.
First shire we saw was this impressive fellow "Edward" and quite nice for the children to get up close and stroke him, the chap there ready to answer all your questions

Then a chance to groom this little chap.

This little guy is only six weeks old!, the mare brought here for stud purposes. 

and another little lady

Group in the shade, out in the fields which you can wander through at your leisure 

All very friendly, though there are a couple that can bite, but these are plainly signed not to touch, these are mostly stood back from the fence anyway so not much danger there.

some of the different types on show. 

Its all too much this being admired!.

You've heard the expression "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"

Hello Deer dear.

A nice roll in the grass

All kinds of beautiful fowl

An otter pool

Very nice I'd say!.

And the winner is!.

Marjorie got some nice tail feathers from his guy for her flower arranging.

And some more little beauties

Just for the picture!.

Barns full of birds as well.

Bunnies too, should say dozens really.

The ugly duckling 

These are pretty ugly too, but there again there are people who love pigs, so must cater for everyone.

They even have piglet racing as you can see they are all numbered.

Lastly another look at one of the lovely little foals!.
So all in all a nice day out with a stop at the cafe for soup and a nice sandwich and a most welcome drink, that didn't stop us stopping at the "Fox and Barrel" pub on the way home that had a great beer garden in the back which was a riot of colour with dozens of hanging baskets all round.

How are men like dogs about housework?
They run and hid every time they see the vacuum cleaner.

What do you give the man who has everything?

A couple decided to smuggle a skunk into the country.
When they got near to the customs desk the creature tried to struggle out of the suitcase.
"Quick" said the wife to the husband "Stuff it down your pants" "What about the smell" he said
"Well if it dies, it dies she said.

Its the way I tell em!.

Thats all folks

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