Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sunday outing July 2013

On Sunday went to the lake and had a sail of my MicroMagic yacht, I think some of the newer members had been thinking I'd not got any boats and just came down to the lake for the company, which would still be nice really!, still had a nice sail and then it was off to John's for Sunday dinner.
After a nice cooked meal, which is good for me as I'm the type that if the microwave broke I'd starve until I could get to the shops for another one!.
After dinner John and I took the dogs to Churchill playing fields at Uppermill, showing me where the dog Groomers were for my visit today, for Pepe not me I hasten to add.
Whilst we were at the playing fields there was a duck race going on in the stream at the side, run by the Rotary Club.
Which was a temptation for Jessie, as I'm sure if she hadn't been on her lead at that time she would had been in after the ducks.
There wasn't much current, hence the chap in the waders shooing them along.
Then it was on to the fields for Jessie and Pepe, which they both enjoyed until Jessie bowled Pepe over and that was the end of that, he wasn't having any of that, the indignity of it!. 

Then on the other side of the field there arrived a giant poodle that John had met earlier in the day 
Can I play with you?.

And surprise, surprise the lady owner recognized Pepe, and me because of "THE HAT" and said I know you you're a mate of my Mum and Dad and it dawned on me it was Bob and Joyce's Daughter Jenny, what a small world, as I've said before!.

Well that's all for now must get off with Pepe for his wash and Trim, be like my haircut I suppose One cutting and two bagging!!.

Well the dog groomer did a nice job on my boy!, and I will definitely be going back there again, 

Pepe was quite happy on the floor with the resident dog there when I got back to pick him up.
Who's a pretty boy then!.

Whilst pepe was being washed and groomed I was off to the garden centre in Greenfield and saw a nice bush rose there that I thought would be nice in my garden and as it was called "Sweet Memories" thought it was quite apt.

Nice hey!.

And a close up of one of the blooms.

A gardener is a bloke who calls a spade a spade; until he falls over one.

Sid's speciality was growing vegetables and he eventually won the Nobel Peas prize, for being outstanding in his field.

What do you call a man who has lost 90% of his brain.
A Widower!!.

His hair was neatly departed in the middle.

Well that's it for today.

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