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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 15 October 2011

St Annes Hospice

My first impressions of St Annes was very up beat and I was impressed with the attitude of the staff there, they made it seem that we were the most important people there.
The two box drivers were changed with the minimum of fuss and the senior doctor there gave Velda a check-up and then took me in one of the sitting rooms and we had a chat about Velda's treatment and my thoughts on things.
One of the nurses was most insistent that the level of staff was better in the week,they don't usually admit patients on Friday's she said, but it was still better than at The Christie,
goodness knows what the staffing is like in the week!
To-day's visit was still as good and Velda was at peace and sleeping without the grimacing in pain as has been the case for weeks now, I felt quite happy to go to the cafe there and have a drink and sandwich, knowing the staff was on the ball. They have a wireless alarm button system there that is answered almost at once,
I will be visiting once a day there as it's too far to go twice, so it's afternoons, a break in the cafe for tea and then home after the rush hour traffic as gone, though last night was bit bad on the slip road off the M60, there had been an accident there.


  1. I'm glad to hear she is out of pain and your mind is somewhat eased. Just take care on those long drives home.

  2. Yes, she is comfortable for the first time in weeks. The journey is not too bad after the rush hour, and its only 20 miles round trip.

  3. Duckie

    You attract our deepest admiration, for the love and care you show for dear Velda

    Joyce and Bob