Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lady's Prerogative

When I got to the hospital yesterday afternoon, the Community Link Manager had been talking to Velda and explained to her that there isn't as much chance of assistance pain management wise at home 24/7 as there is at a hospice, she is in so much pain at times that the thought of that has made her change her mind so now she is going to go to St Annes Hospice in Heald Green, Cheshire.
I can't explain the feeling of weight off my shoulders at that, I was quite willing to look after her at home and everything was in place, but as Chris the Community Manager said I'm 73 not 37 ( its a lie) and I'm feeling it at the moment, and the thought of not being able to contact anyone in the middle of the night has worried me I must admit, then it could be a case of dialling 999 and  whipped off to a general hospital A&E Dept, No its better to go to St Annes Hospice now!
It will be further to travel but on the motorway, ( no kamikaze cyclists without lights hopefully) but that's the easy part isn't it and knowing that she is getting better care than I am able to provide makes it easier to bear.
The hospice at Heald Green is here
We have been told Velda is at the top of the admissions list so could be moved any day now, will let you know when it happens.

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