Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Back to Etherow

Yesterday my Son John took me back to Etherow for the first time since our loss, he thought that my first time back would have been hard for me being the caring person he is!.
He must have been bored as I'd not charged any batteries,but it turned out to be quite sunny but cold,so we had a walk round the lake with Pepe,both with our own thoughts and memories of happier times there.
Then was a nice family on the landing stage and they were waiting for any member to turn up to see if they could sail their boats which they had sat there. I introduced myself and John and told them they could sail as my guest and they are very keen to join the club, I'm sure they will be a nice addition to the club, Father, Mother and teenage son, father and son had a Bantock one metre yacht each and very nice boats too. hoping to receive their returned membership form soon.
 So it was fate perhaps that I went yesterday to meet this nice family.
I spoke to a few friends on the balcony cafe and as they haven't got PCs were not aware of our loss.
It's the club's second quiz night and hot pot supper this Wednesday and I might make the effort to go to that, it will be a break for me and get me back in action again.

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  1. Well done, Ducky

    Nice to see you emerging into the real world again?
    Well done, John, looking after dear old Dad