Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Custodian of the Duck

A few weeks ago I had an email from Lesley Harling, to the effect that the Duck had come home to roost after being with her daughter for a couple of years.
Will you put the "Duck" on the "For Sale" section on the Club web site said Lesley, so I did and after 48hrs and no takers, I jumped in and bought it myself and was glad there had been no takers as I had admired Graham's duck for years!.
My wife Velda and I had spent many happy hours sailing with Graham and Lesley at the lake and I'd always thought he was one of the most talented modellers in the club, so I'm now the proud Custodian of the Duck!. After studying all the paperwork within the box, I finally took the duck to the lake this past Saturday and found it hard to guide  at first and operate the other levers and switches so finished up with him disappearing under the bridge and into the big lake, Oh No thought I, but managed to get him back, What  a Plonker!, so then set him on a circular course round and round whilst I took a video of him and tried out all the controls!.
Then had a fall of soot!!, Why don't I take him to Coniston Pool and sail him there, so packed up and off Pepe and I went to the Pool. 

The following video taken by me with Mate Bob sailing the duck.

There you go then!, see you at the lake when I've go my head round the controls!.

This weeks bargain of the week is this nice big picture, purchased from a charity shop whilst waiting for Pepe to be washed and trimmed.

Signed print of a famous British artist John Seerey Lester now living in Florida.
This signed  print would cost you $289, got mine in a beautiful frame for £40, what a good buy!.

Doesn't every dog have their own garden chair?.

 On the gardening front, my miniature cactus garden I planted is doing well, as with all cactus you have to control the urge to water too much

Growing but not too much. 


I'm not lazy, I'm a relaxaholic.

If your born again, do you have two belly buttons?.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day,
Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day!.
That's all for now folk's


  1. Nice blog, Duckie
    All good stuff!
    Didn't realise the bear picture was such a nice find!
    Pleased you brought Duckies Duck round, for a Quackabout on Coniston Pool!
    Nice toy to fiddle with, having so many buttons and bows!
    Your cactus garden looks very nice
    A nice blog, all round......Thanks Duckie......Bob

  2. Heard that there are pictures by this artist hanging in the White House, they are originals no doubt unless like our government are selling off all our national assets!.
    Enjoyed the Quackabout as well as you!.

  3. bet you had a few anxious moments when the duck disappeared under the bridge

  4. You can say that again, still all's well that ends well!.
    Get plenty of laughs from the public walking round the lake.