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Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Continuing OL2

Whilst pondering the problems of the layout in the bottom of the boat, I've been doing anything but making a start on that stage of the build!.
As you can see I've made a deck hatch , a net pond and a tool box, not been painted yet but will look more solid when they are.

And there is Mr Pointy checking the welds!.

Then it was a couple of battery boxes, all simple Plastic Weld stuff, put two edges together and wipe a brush with Plastic Weld down the edge and its done.

Painted the crane gantry, as there is nothing that colour to go on that.

Then I cut out and tidied up the parts for the Trawl boards.

After Sunday dinner at John's, we had a brain storming session in his workshop, he on his problems of the Manuel, plans and parts not matching up,  me with the layout of the bottom of my boat!.

We sorted out John's problem and my Plan "A" for the bottom of my boat was scrapped and plan "B" devised.
 Plan "A" was to put in a length of plastic down spout on each side of the boat, cut off one side to make a trough and put the weights mentioned in an earlier post in them. the only problem with this was, it made the weight's too high up with the keel sloping down to the middle of the boat, which worried me.
John said why not make the two trough's out of the 1.5mm plastic card the nice lady at model Slipway had given us when we visited to buy John's boat, so it came in very handy and here is the results of a couple of hours cutting and glueing.
As you can see the weight's will now be lower down in the boat, just have to wrap them in sections and mark them so I know where they go at the lake, the plastic will go into wooden boxes for the batteries so will make them stronger to carry the weight of all those weight's!.
If this isn't clear here is a picture of the inside of the hull, nothing fixed in yet though.

These couple of strips have been in a while, first epoxied in and the next one a bit longer (the sides of the hull not straight at this point) glued and screwed.  

Initial layout with some weight's for size. 

Weight boxes in 

As you can see the weight's are slanting down deeper into the bottom.
Needs battery boxes making and then all glued and fitted in.
Feel a lot happier now and can get on with this section of the build, John not as long into boat building but the technical draughtsmanship keeps coming out doesn't it!. 
They say two heads are better than one, even if they are sheep's head's 
That's all folks

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