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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back to the modelling

As I wasn't out with John yesterday, I decided that I would make a gentle start back into modelling again after month's without the time or inclination.
So the first job was to get out the plant tubs I'd bought instead of the home-made ones
I thought why spoil the ship for a half penny worth of tar as the saying goes, couldn't get the plants looking like that anyway!.
The holes were drilled for the tubs and air vents, after much measuring and repositioning,
Looks about right there,
As you will perhaps remember the red item is the front LED lights fitting, the front chimney was fitted and the air vents are brass mirror screws cut down and a bit of plastic tube added for height, you can get them in brass or chrome, thought the brass would go with the brass hand rails you can see the stanchions for in the foreground.
Rear end showing hatch 
The rear end with another chimney and closer view of vent.
Then it was time to varnish the tubs, what a difference a drop of varnish woodstain makes hey,
So there you have it, the next job is to take it all off again and get things ready for fixing the top to the superstructure, must make sure first though as it's easier to work on the inside before the roof gets fitted permanently isn't it!. 
Not too bad a day, eased back into modelling mode gently and it was the first time I'd left Pepe downstairs without him yapping all the time, I left the gate at the bottom of the stairs open, but he must have thought it better to stay in front of the fire, he's hairy but not stupid!. 
I was also in touch by E-mail with Jackie from Model Slipway as I'd heard there was a waiting list for kits now, and she replied that she and Laurie were semi-retired and working from home now, though not doing the show stands any-more and were relying on word of mouth for orders now, shouldn't be any problem there with their reputation over the years! 
So they are still turning out their great kits, though there is a bit of a waiting list, so I've ordered my next project and looking forward to a ride over the Pennines to collect it and have a cuppa with the "Whites"
What have I ordered, wait and see!

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  1. Hello Duckie
    Nice tu see yer.....NICE!

    Nice to see you working on your barge again
    It`s also rather sad that Model Slipway have withdrawn from the shows too
    Can`t wait to see what your next build will be!....cough