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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dining out again

After my trip to the Hare and Hounds at Werneth Low mentioned in the last post with my mate Bob, I have been out and about doing a bit of "Eddie" spotting, then on Wednesday I took my neighbour to Tameside Hospital in Ashton as he'd never been before, being an ex-ambulance man I know all the hospital's in the area, even though they have all been expanded and refurbished over the year's, they are still in the same place.
After his chest ex-ray which was only a few minutes I took him up to the Harts Head pub up in the hills between Ashton and Mossley to show him what a nice place it was so he could bring his wife up in the better weather, we had a nice meal to take his mind off the hospital visit and awaited results.

I thought whilst there " I'll bet Bob and his better half will like it here", nice staff to wait on you, a nice menu and nicely presented!.
So after arranging to pick up Bob and Joyce, yesterday went in my motor to dinner there and were not  disappointed as the service was still very good. 

The pub sign, with Harts head Pike in the sign on the hill in background.

As you can see it wasn't the best of days to enjoy the view over the Cheshire countryside, you can usually see Jodrell Bank telescope in the distance!, and that must be getting on 20 miles away as the crow flies.
Still it didn't put a dampener on the outing. 

The pub is on the site of the old Tongue Bottom Farm which on the pub website say's was built in the 1800's

The present pub nestles in the valley with ample car parking all round at different levels, with plenty of outdoor seating, spent many a nice summer evening there sat outside admiring the view and the horses in the next field!.
Bob had the Sea food platter starter as his main meal, I think it was two for sharing really, but he managed to get though it somehow, it was a mountain of battered stuff, Squid, scallops and prawns and goodness knows what else!!, Joyce and I had plain old Hunters chicken, Chicken breast with bacon and cheese dribbled over it, my mouth is watering even now!, must take sister Bab's and Bryan there when they come over in the summer from Oz!. 
Bob was Abell to have a drink with me driving and had plain old Guinness, where as I was a bit more adventurous and had half a pint of one of their specialities "Old Engine Oil", I kid you not and there it is!.
Described as Viscous, Chocolatey bitter!.
As it's an Ozzy beer would prob-abelly  taste better on a beach in your swimwear with a bit of sand blown into it, still I've tasted worse, at least I tried it!.

On the way home I asked Joyce if she wanted to visit the re-located M & S in Ashton, but I think they were so full they just wanted to go home for a lie down and nod off, that's what I did anyway!.

Last but not least John's dog Jessie after a wash and brush up at the beauty parlour
A beautiful 6 mths old Cockapoo

On the chest of the barmaid in Sale
Were tattooed the prices of ale,
And on her behind 
For the sake of the blind
Was the same information in Braille.
Guy goes into a pub and had a Ploughman's lunch,
The ploughman became quite agitated.  
Guy goes into a pub with a pig under is arm,
Where did you get that the barmaid said,
I won it in a raffle replied the pig.

Well that's all for now folk's


  1. At least we dont have to worry about you not eating and fading away! Looking forward to the meal! LIke the joke about the pig BnB

  2. Have you seen that beer over there Bryan?.

  3. Hi Pete no never heard of it will have to imbibe a couple when we get there. Joanne had better get some throat lozenges just in case Man U get past Chelski in the next round .

  4. Prob-abelly only for our market, getting their own back on us Pom's.