Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats, Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Has spring arrived!, March 2017.

 The lake at Etherow was quite full today with the yachtsmen from the Model Boat Club, there were a few fishermen  out too!, why they park in the front row I don't know and then disappear for the rest of the day. The folk that only come to sit in their cars, have a buttie and perhaps are not able to walk far don't get the chance to park and watch the view at the front, some people are so inconsiderate aren't they!.
The Great Wall just outside the park it seems is not being taken down, but only being pointed!. Doesn't look very good at the moment, still its early days and perhaps the chaps will get better as they progress.

  On the way home stopped off at Aldi and got a big bag of stuff for next to nowt!, no wonder the bigger supermarkets aren't doing very well!.
Then it was a call at McDonalds for lunch and felt a bit guilty afterwards, so it as out with Pepe and off for another walk round Debdale Park to walk some of our dinner off.
Hence the Question "Has Spring arrived".
Crocus on the banking looking towards Hyde Road

More Crocus in the park!.

Beautiful sunny day, but still need the big coat on, or is that my age showing though I wonder!.

Been going to the cinema quite a bit lately, seen some good films too ie
The Great Wall,
Patriots Day,
 Hidden Figures
To name a few,
 Like it at Cineworld as the time early in the day suits us, the sound is great and afterwards my mate Dave and I go to McDonalds for lunch, then I do a bit of shopping on the way home, good day.
Must get an Unlimited ticket though, which makes it a lot cheaper if you are going regularly, gives you money off as well at the restaurants locally.

Have you read any of Matthew Reilly's books?, an Australian writer of Action adventure books, bags of action from page one!.
I'm an avid reader and he is one of my favourite authors, another is Lee Child with his Jack Reacher character, though not too keen on his choice of film star to portrait him though, Tom Cruise??,  still if you buy the film rights you can have who you want can't you, even yourself!, he did a good job though, still not the size of Reacher in the books!.   

"Mummy Mummy! Daddy's on fire" "Quick grab a burger and a frying pan"

"Mummy Mummy!, can I wear a bra now I'm 16?"
"Shut up Albert"

"Mummy Mummy I don't want to see Niagara Falls"
"Shut up and get back in the barrel"
That's it for today Folks.

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