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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 10 November 2014

How the mighty have fallen!.

How the mighty have fallen!, well it comes to all of us at some time, even though I've had my Flu Jab every year for the last umpteen years, this past few weeks I've been poorly with a bad cough and a sore throat.
It was getting so bad I finally got myself to the doctors today He said "Not been for a few years have you", "well you have been getting paid for me on your books haven't you" says I.
So after my blood pressure and temperature was found to be normal and he said I was not doing bad for my age, he then agreed that I had a chest infection and wait for it THRUSH in my throat!, "I thought only women got that" said I, No No No said he, I can't do the accent on here but you can imagine it!, Must be all the bird pictures I've been taking lately perhaps
So I'm got some antibiotics for the chest infection and some stuff to swill my throat out, "How about a booking for full MOT whilst I'm here then, good idea he said, so I'm booked in for a full check up in the next few days.
I tell you if I'd known I was going to live this long I'd have looked after myself a bit better, "Not bad for your age" he'd said, I just wish he hadn't added "for your age"!.
Last Thursday I was in Etherow with Pepe and today friend Bob had mentioned about the Mandarins he'd seen and I remembered I had some pictures of them in my camera, here they are.

A few of the other birds and wildfowl in the park.

A nice Moorhen sat in a tree

 On our walk round the lakes

Today after dinner Pepe and I had a walk round Debdale as it was nice and sunny, As Captain Mannering would say "You stupid boy!", it was a biting wind, so  stopped for a drink at Pepe's 2nd favourite place McDonald's, 1st Place goes to Etherow of course and the Sausage and Bacon Baps!.

I always want things done straight away and the first tablet in a course of antibiotics isn't going to cure me is it, so I should have stayed in,in the warm, still Pepe enjoyed it, felt sorry for him really as he hadn't been out for a couple of days, he's always exploring his garden, but they like to get out and about as much as us don't they, and I'm going stir crazy too if the truth be known.
Well that's it for now hopefully if I keep taking the tablets I will be feeling a lot better next time.
By the way got my Fibre Optic broadband today!, so the drag of uploading Video's in the past will be a thing of the past, so watch out for more video's, you have been warned!.

Noticed friend Bob's boat "The Great Eastern " had another showing on the Coast program this week, he has certainly given the Etherow Model Boat Club plenty of publicity with that model, and for years to come the way the repeats are on the telly these days!. 
The doctor told me that as I was getting on in years, my lifestyle of wine women and song would have  to change.
"In fact you will have to give up the first two" he said "But you can still sing", only like Barry White at the moment!!.
 There's not much different between a toilet seat and an anniversary, men usually miss them both.

Salvador Dali took Picasso aside and said "Excuse me my friend could I have a word in your eyeball?.

Fred was an Atheist, but he gave it up, he said there were no holidays.
Thats all for now folks!.


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  1. Sorry to hear you have been poorly hope your MOT goes OK will wait to hear the update BnB