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Welcome to my Blog.
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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Latest project May 2014.

Just when you thought I had stopped hobbying, I'm back with my latest project!.
You may remember in an earlier post than I'd bought a Green Goddess fire engine planter and a Tug boat planter.
Well I've started the Green Goddess, 

First it was a good going over with the jet washer to remove all the muck and grime that had been accumulating sat at the garden centre.
Then I had to fill the blow holes from the original molding and any bits not quite right with Milliput filler and then rub that down.

Then it was a coat of filler primer, then a coat of grey primer. 

The next stage was a coat of Lawn Green spray paint all over, doesn't look too near the colour here under the neon lights in the garage, but it is near as I am going to get it!. 

Here you can see I've coloured in the underneath with acrylic paint and also the tyres, looking a bit better now and more detail showing up.

Thats as far as I've got for now, so watch this space.

Most people think that these vehicles are Army vehicles, but they were first introduced in the Civil Defence and used by the Auxiliary Fire Service in which I was a volunteer member as a leading fireman  until I was thrown out when I joined the Ambulance Service, as it was said at the time, I would be claimed by the Ambulance Service in the event of hostilities so it was no longer viable to spend money training me in the AFS.
As it happened the AFS was abandoned about 6 Months later and a couple of my crew followed me into the ambulance Service!.
So you can see my interest in buying the Green Goddess. 
The Army then used the mothballed Green's when the Regular Fire Service  went on strike later on, hence people only remember the Army using them later on.

I will publish the on going project progress as and when!.

There was a fire at the nurses home
It took the firemen 15 minutes to put the fire out.
It took the nurses three hours to put the firemen out!

The Mexican fireman was the proud father of twin boys.
He called one Jose and the other Hose B.
Thats all for now folks

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