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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 18 November 2013

Sunday at John's

Yesterday Pepe and I set off for John's for our Sunday lunch, John had said earlier that we would be surprised by the two missionaries that were coming to dinner with us, we had met missionaries there before!, but these two turned out to be rather special.
First they were not the ones that come knocking on your door when you are just sat down to your dinner, No these are Chinese speaking ones, One a Malaysian for Singapore who could already speak the language and the other a Samoan who before coming to Manchester had to go to Utah for 3 months to learn the  language, and I thought the hard part was knocking on doors!.

Here we are relaxing after dinner, and can these guys eat!!.
As you can see Pepe is rather smitten with the Elder Hare, perhaps its his air of authority, as you see he used to be a police officer in the Honolulu Police department, he said it was nothing like the TV Hawaii 05, book him Dano!!.

My hero

Can I be his police dog

As a young man, notice the hair has gone now!

Quite a transformation to the young man in the suit and shows his commitment to his present calling.
Honolulu PD then Fresno PD ( California) then Utah as a missionary. 
I didn't have much time talking to the other Elder as he was playing the piano for us and then sat on the other side from me, perhaps my deodorant wasn't working, only joking guys.
Elder Hare then got out his Hawaiian guitar and gave us a few notes on that and said a chap in Ashton he met had given it to him!, I think he has that effect on people.
These two missionaries are to devote all their attention to spreading the gospel to the Chinese people in the area so you might see them in your local chippy spreading the word, and no doubt eating their way through a stack of  fish and chips!.
I'm sure their parents are very proud of them, two very nice pleasant guys.

Today went to the Stable Gate pub with friend Bob, his wife had already gone out for the day, so it was a good idea to take Bob out to dinner. 
The festive menu doesn't start until tomorrow, still we will be going again shortly no doubt and perhaps his wive will be avail_Abell next time.
Had a nice meal 2 for a tenner and 2 desserts for £2 can't beat that can you, of course the Christmas decorations are starting to come to light aren't they.

Stable Gate, Denton.

Ashton Precinct taken when my lady friend and I went there on Friday, couldn't do better than this one as I would have been thrown out, they don't like you taking photo's for some reason!.
Well that's all for now.
Here endeth the lesson.

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